Morgan Stewart Uses This To Keep Her Hair Golden

by Melanie Richtman

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart often steals the show with her extravagant spending habits and frequent mentions of her "Boobs & Loubs" blog, but one of her best contributions to the show are her perfectly golden locks. I had a chance to catch up with the reality star and ask her all about how she maintains her blonde hair and the one product she can't live without.

After witnessing the state of her hair on the Bahamas episode RKOBH, Stewart tells me she was appalled and immediately looked for a solution. She found it in celebrity colorist Justin Anderson, who was once described as "the rising star of blonde Hollywood" by Vogue and is the creative director of dpHUE. Anderson regularly highlights Stewart's hair, but since he can't be by her side 24/7, Stewart has learned a few tricks to keep her blonde hair sparkling.

The one product she swears by? Stewart tells me she lives by dpHUE's Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, which allows her to skip regular shampooing to keep her hair healthy.

"I don’t like to over-wash my hair, especially with how fine it is — shampooing every day strips out all of the natural oils, drying out my hair. But I can’t skip washing my hair because I do yoga three days a week," Stewart explains. "I’ve been using the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse by dpHUE a few times a week as a substitute for shampoo and conditioner, and it has been life-changing."

dpHUE's Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, $35,

Stewart also swears by dpHUE's Cool Blonde Shampoo and Cool Blonde Conditioner (which she uses about once a week) to keep her hair from looking brassy — a common problem for blondes.

"Some [purple shampoos] I've tried are too intense and all of the sudden you realize that your hair is grey. But dpHUE’s version is a must have," says Stewart. "I feel like Justin preaches this to me, and for my hair, a violet tone is much better than a blue tone."

Her other tricks for keeping hair healthy? Using a hair oil to extend the life of a blowout (Stewart's favorite is dpHUE's Argan Oil Therapy because it doesn't leave a brown tint on her hair) and sleeping on silk pillowcases.

"Not only is sleeping on a silk pillowcase sexy, but it's good for your hair!" Stewart says.

Sounds good to me.

Images: Justin Anderson/Instagram, Morgan Stewart/Instagram