I Bought Kylie's Makeup Bag & Here's How I Feel

I was on the fence about making this purchase for several days. After much careful deliberation and going back and forth in my brain about the size and the price, I bought Kylie Cosmetics' limited edition makeup bag, which was part of Kylie Jenner's Birthday Edition. The blockbuster collection was loaded with amazing, "must get" products. The line is totally sold out and as of now, the bag is gone for good. While admiring it online, Kylie Cosmetics' very first makeup bag had so many qualities I personally look for in a cosmetics pouch or a clutch. It's black, it's made of wipeable nylon, it has the cool, dripping lips 'n' grill graphic, and it could double as a handbag on nights when I don't feel like lugging a bigger bag while out and about.

My Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag arrived this week. Is it worth it? And why am I telling you this since it's sold out?

If you're considering purchasing the bag via a third party site, like eBay, where it's currently going for north of $50, this information might factor into your decision!

The bag was always one of the last items to sell out during the Birthday Edition restocks. Therefore, I felt like the beauty universe or makeup deities were telling me that they wanted me to buy it, since it was always available when I browsed.

What held me back? The $42 price tag, that's what.

Factor in the shipping cost and it was just over $50. All of that added up to "pretty steep for a rather basic bag of a small size" in my mind.

When I eventually gave in to my desires and bought the sack, I justified that it was LE and cute. I reminded myself that I would use it often and for years, meaning the cost-per-use would ultimately equal mere pennies

Here's the verdict. Yes, the Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag is crazy cute and has a durable construction. I will be able to wipe away any errant concealer smudges or eyeshadow dust from the surface rather easily. Yes, I can (and will) use it as a clutch or a stylish travel makeup bag.

It has an adorbs "K" zipper pull.

It also has one internal pocket, perfect for storing eyeliner or lip liners. You can totally stash your Kylie Lip Kit haul in this bag.

But this bag is really, really small in relation to the $42 original price tag. The sizes make the price feel super inflated. The MU bag's size —approximately 8" wide and 6"— high doesn't justify the price. Sadly, I would not go back and repurchase this if given the opportunity. If Jenner resurrects the makeup bag or creates another, similar style for future collections, I won't be shelling out loot cakes for it.

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That said, my bag is here and it's cute. I like the product, but am disappointed in the pricing. Still, I will commence using it as a clutch on nights out for the next few weeks.

I have been generally satisfied with my Kylie Cosmetics purchases, namely Lip Kits and Kylie Glosses. The Bday Collection as a whole was totally worth its weight in gold. My meh-ness about the a la carte MU bag won't stop me from grabbing the black Kyliner when it drops, though!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Amy Sciarretto (6)