11 Tiny Wrist Tattoos That Are Subtle & Beautiful

It doesn't matter if you're inked all over, or your skin's a blank canvas: There's a certain allure to wrist tattoos. The placement on the wrist, which is quite an exposed area, gives the wearer an endearing vulnerability, especially if they're rocking delicate and tiny wrist tattoos.

For starters, let's discuss practicality: Wrist tattoos can be easily covered up if the wearer desires. A person with a wrist tattoo can choose to hide their ink from prying eyes – and just as easily, they can roll up their sleeves and show it off. Personally, I love to spot a wrist tattoo when I'm out and about, as I think they are particularly beautiful — especially when you think about the tender placement and the potential pain endured while getting a wrist tattoo.

Combine the placement of the wrist tattoo with the size of the tattoo itself: Among the most trendy type of tattoos are micro tattoos, that as the name suggests, are precious, itty bitty tattoos. One of the most popular places people are getting micro tattoos (aside from fingers) is the wrist. Tiny wrist tattoos add to the enchanting appeal of this placement, playing on the openness of this sensitive area. So here are some tiny wrist tattoos to provide you with some miniature inkspiration.

1. The Romantic Skull & Crossbones

Who said all pirates have to be bad to the bone? This skull and crossbones featuring a heart, proves that pirates aren't just about scourging the seven seas.

2. The Simply Stunning Letter

There's no need to overcomplicate things with a gorgeous inked letter, symbolizing the initial of a loved one or somebody who's important to you.

3. The Delicate Bracelet

If you're looking for something a little more unusual, a delicately ethereal bracelet tattoo is a great option, especially if you don't care to wear jewelry.

4. The Adorable Elephant

Pay homage to your favorite animal with a teeny, tiny tattoo on your wrist.

5. The Disney Design

Similarly, you can fangirl over your most admired Disney character by getting a lovely little wrist illustration that'll last forever.

6. The Micro Bloom

A beautiful rose is even more stunning when it's Thumbelina sized.

7. The Celestial Ink

A simple sun and moon on the outer wrist make for a truly magical tattoo.

8. The Sign Of Positivity

A minimal plus sign is a reminder to appreciate the little things, count your blessings, and always keep a positive outlook on life.

9. The Pet Paw Print

Show the world how much your fur baby means to you with a pretty, tiny paw print tattoo.

10. The Lord Of The Rings Reference

Make a clever reference to your favorite movie with a tiny wrist tattoo, like this lovely lady sporting the number nine in Elvish.

11. The BFF Coffee Cups

Tiny wrist tattoos are even more awesome when you can share them with your BFF who also happens to be a fellow caffeine addict.

Take inkspiration from these darling designs that prove that good things often come in small packages.

Image: lindsayapriltattoo/Instagram