Kylie Just Bought A Very Expensive "Home Office"

When Kylie Jenner bought her first house last year, I was in complete awe. I have almost 10 years on her and am still saving for my eventual down payment on a house, so it was awesome to me that she's been successful enough to make such a huge purchase so early in her life. If you felt the same, prepare to be impressed again. Recently, Jenner bought herself a new house, which just so happens to be right next door to the one she already owns. And just in case you've been wondering how many houses Jenner has, it seems the grand total is now up to three. Not too shabby for a newly minted 19-year-old!

According to what Jenner's realtor tells E! News, she purchased the latest home for a cool $4.5 million. Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 5,000 square feet, including a pool in the backyard. It's every bit as gorgeous as Jenner's first house, which she spent a ton of time on renovations for, making sure it was just right before she moved in. And knowing Jenner, I don't doubt that she'll make her new purchase just as fabulous, too — even though it already looks beautiful on its own.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why does Kylie Jenner need another house when she's only one person and when she just bought her second home earlier this year. Reportedly, she's planning on using it as a home office. And as I sit here, typing from my home office in a very boring bedroom in a house less than half the size of Jenner's new one, I am seething with jealousy. Could you imagine an entire house as your home office? And it's not even in your actual home, just next door? God, it must be good to be Kylie Jenner. As for needing three houses, her first home is actually up for sale. According to a Forbes report from June, Jenner put her "starter home" on the market for $3.9 million, so at least she won't have three homes for long?

Oh, and if you're a friend of Jenner's and visiting from out of town, please request to stay in one of those four bedrooms in her new home office. That house is sweet. I mean, imagine the cool meals you could cook (aka pizza you could order) and then eat on those marble countertops?

BRB, begging Jenner to let me move in with her. And since she'll be busy in her main house, she won't even know I'm there.