9 Weirdest Fashion Items We DIY-ed In The '90s

With every project imaginable plastered all over Pinterest and YouTube, there isn't much we can't DIY these days. But there was a time when most of us didn't take our crafting quite as seriously. Back in the day, many Millennials DIY-ed the weirdest '90s fashion and beauty items without a care in the world.

One of the things I love most about '90s fashion is that no one ever really looked the same. Sure, we followed the same trends. But there were so many levels to our aesthetics. We used plenty of different accessories and bling to trick out our wardrobes, so it was arguably impossible to duplicate anyone else's looks to a T.

My friends and I ripped our own jeans and made our own tie-dye tees in the backyard. Rather than buying hats and jackets that were pre-bedazzled, we slaved over every little rhinestone ourselves. And we didn't have to spend a fortune at craft stores to get our DIY on, either. Instead, we often got super resourceful with our homemade fashion accessories by using what we had at our disposal.

In retrospect, some of the things we were obsessed with making were actually pretty strange. We never let that ruin our wacky sense of style, though. Let these nine weird DIY-ed fashion and beauty items be a blast from your fun-filled '90s past.

1. Hair Wraps

Klutz Hair Wraps Book, $1.52, eBay

Nothing said you just got back from vacation quite like a fresh tan and a couple of hair wraps. A family trip to Florida wasn't the only way we could get colorful bands of thread in our hair, however.

Before there was Pinterest, we had Klutz books. They showed us how to DIY pretty much anything, including hair wraps. All of the materials we needed for our wraps were even pre-packaged into the book. Talk about convenience! My only grudge against these hair accessories is that they were such a B- to remove.

2. Bedazzled Baseball Caps

It's not that blinging out our favorite hats was weird, per se. It was just a tad excessive. We often went a little nuts with the Krazy Glue, bedazzling every stitch of clothing we owned. How could there not have been a rhinestone shortage during the '90s?

3. Capri Sun Bags

Capri Sun & Kool-Aid Bags, $15, Etsy

OK, so we definitely couldn't always do this one on our own. Capri Sun bags called for a little sewing action, so we usually needed mom's expertise. I remember when nearly every girl in my class was obsessed with these purses and totes.

Downing an entire box of Capri Suns or Kool-Aid Jammers was easily the best part of this DIY endeavor. Looking back, it was actually pretty strange to walk around with juice pouches hanging off our shoulders.

4. Safety Pin Jewelry

Assorted Bead Safety Pin Bracelet, $14, Etsy

Safety pin bracelets were another unique accessory we could make from spare materials lying around the house. Throw a batch of colored beads into the mix and you had a rad new bracelet.

5. Kool-Aid Dye Jobs

We probably had no business dyeing our hair with sugary drinks. My grandmother always used to say, "If Kool-Aid could stain that deeply, I should think about what it's doing to my insides." Maybe she had a point. But that didn't stop my friends and me from guzzling down the beverage and trying to give ourselves homemade dip-dye jobs.

6. Starburst Wrapper Bracelet

Starburst Wrapper Bracelet, $4, Etsy

Of all the things we could use to make jewelry, I have no idea what enticed us to weave candy wrappers together. It was a pretty creative pastime, though. I guess Millennials are just the kind of generation that uses anything we can get our hands on to jazz up our wardrobes.

7. Lizard Keychains

Seed Bead Lizard Keychain, $7, Etsy

As crafty as I was as a kid, these keychains were something I could never really get down pat. So kudos to any '90s cool kid who could.

8. Kool-Aid Lipgloss

I wouldn't be surprised if we did more DIY projects with Kool-Aid than we drank it. When I discovered that the substance made for the perfect lippie when combined with Vaseline, I was all too eager to use up every packet in the house. For colored sugar, it was actually super-pigmented.

9. Puff Paint Shirts

'90s Vintage Tie-Dye Shorts Set, $24, Etsy

Puff paint allowed us to get super crazy with our fashion game. It was basically 3-D paint, after all. All it took was a freshly tie-dyed shirt, a few embellishments, and a puff paint design to give us a one-of-a-kind tee. But if we weren't careful with our art, our tops could easily make us look like a 5-year-old manically scribbled all over them.

The '90s clearly had some of the most creative fashions of all time. With all of the things we designed ourselves, I'd say we Millennials are the OG DIY-ers. Even if some of our DIY projects were a little strange at times, they definitely weren't the most terrible '90s fashion mistakes we ever made.

Images: eBay; Nickelodeon; Etsy (6); CreateByJo, Kelsey Bobian/YouTube