We Can Guess Your Favorite Part Of Fall Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There's this weird vibe that tends to roll in when summer winds down. It's like, we're all sad to say goodbye to beach weekends and cut-offs and ice cream dinners, but at the same time, we're kind of hiding this secret excitement for the fall. The combination of goodbye-summer-nostalgia and hello-sweater-excitement is confusing, at best. It makes the end of the summer seem really bittersweet. Like, are we excited or crying? Someone, please spread the memo.

But if you're leaning on the side of thinking that it's super sad that summer is slipping away, I'm happy to remind you how magical the fall can be. It's a pretty spiritual time, and I think we can all agree that it's hands-down the most beautiful time of year with the foliage and harvest making everything all colorful and bountiful.

In the same way that you can have various different summer experiences — you can spend it inside with the AC binging on shows, you can spend it floating on an inflatable swan in the pool, you can beach bum it or city dwell it — you have have the same variety of experiences in the fall. Based on your zodiac sign — because who knows you better than the stars? — this is what you're going to love about fall:


As an Aquarius, you like to stay busy and entertained, so you probably enjoy baking a seasonally appropriate pumpkin pie from scratch. The best part? You get to share it with others. It's a great way for you to mix your need to be occupied with your need for social stimulation!


The fish of the Zodiac might not have a beach this season, but that's OK. There are plenty of pumpkins to carve up and Thanksgiving tables to dress using your natural design and artistic talents. If you can't wait that long to flex your artistic skills, have an autumn themed party and decorate the hell out of your table settings. Your friends will be expecting nothing less.


A fan of competition, football season satisfies the Ram. Stay social and keep your energy at an all time high by hosting a tailgate or weekly football gatherings. Gather your family at Thanksgiving for an outdoor touch-football match. This is a great time for you to get out some of your competitive nature and put it to the test.


This Earth sign looks forward to getting back to the Earth! You love gardening, so plant bulbs for next season and harvest the winter squashes popping up in your lush backyard. Jump in a pile of leaves and whip yourself up some homemade butternut squash soup. Being outside keeps you grounded and feeling connected to nature.


Sociable twins LOVE to gather their friends. Group text your crew and rally for a weekend of apple picking, pumpkin carving and hay-rides through country orchards. Keep the fall parties going into the night with your favorite kind of cider or mulled drinks. Let's be real, the festivities are your favorite part of fall.


It's pretty simple — you just love opening the window to invite that crisp air in. It doesn't take much to make you happy, just simple pleasures. And this is one of fall's best. You can't wait until the summer cools down so you can turn your bedroom into a meeting place for breezes and maybe more than that, you can't wait to sit outside at a cafe with a sweater once it gets a little chilly.


Being addicted to the spotlight, you can't wait for Halloween. You've know what you were going to be this year since last year and you can't wait to see everyone's reaction. You're going to go to as many parties are you can get invited to because this costume needs to be seen.


The hardworking Virgo loves to spend time in nature. Combine those two traits by hiking. Take in the glorious blaze of transitioning foliage from the summit of the highest mountain in your region. You've been looking forward to those treacherous yet gorgeous trails all summer, and it will finally be cool enough to enjoy them. Get out there and challenge yourself.


With an emphasis on aesthetic (aka making everything Pinterest/Instagram worthy), Libras can't wait to get their closet back to the perfect autumn wardrobe. All about those flannels and deep rusted boots. You have so many outfits planned you know you're going to have trouble keeping yourself from wearing them before the weather is right. You can't wait to debut your fall vibes.


Emotions are your game, Scorpio. So it's no wonder you love Halloween. It's the one holiday that's a roller coaster of feelings; scared, excited, hyper, and sad when the candy is gone. Dress your house up with cobwebs and get spooky. Or do what you've always wanted to do, which is spend a whole day in the movie theater seeing horror movies by yourself. You only live once.


You love to hop in the car and travel through the cute autumn-themed, towns bopping from one fall festival to the next. Grab a friend and head out for the weekend, and the weekend after that, and the weekend after that. Let's face it, you're going to be road tripping until the snow comes.


Capricorn, you like hard work. Why not take the lead this fall and offer to have the Halloween or Friendsgiving party at your house? You can do all the cooking and enjoy the familiar stress of making people happy. It makes you happy. So play host this fall, you know you want to.

Images: Giphy, Unsplash