7 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Less Damaged Even When It's Fried

As much as you may try to protect your hair from damage and breakage by limiting your heat styling or religiously using deep conditioning masks, sometimes the frizz and split ends are just inevitable. So it's a good thing there are some ways to make your hair look less damaged even when it's totally fried. Because, let's be honest: You just don't always have time to go get a fresh cut or wait through an intensive treatment before you need your hair to look like you don't even own blow dryer.

Of course, eventually, you will probably still need an actual solution for fixing damaged hair. Letting your hair go for too long with damage and split ends only makes it worse. It's important to stop split ends in their tracks so that they don't continue up your strands. After all, it's much easier to control breakage at the tips of your hair than all throughout it. But while you're waiting for your next hair appointment, you can always use one of these quick treatments to disguise the damage. So you don't have to show off just how fried your hair truly is, here are seven ways to make it look like you're not as tight with your curling iron as you actually are.

1. Use An Oil Or Shine Serum

Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, $40, Sephora

Damaged hair tends to be rather lackluster. Because shine is a sign of healthy locks, smoothing some oil or shine serum over your strands will fake the appearance of damage-free hair. Plus, these types of products will also help keep your hair moisturized and hopefully prevent further breakage in the meantime. Focus product from mid-length to the tips of your hair to impart shine without weighing your hair down.

2. Sport An Updo

Another way to hide damage is tucking it away within the rest of your hair. Sweep your locks up into a topknot or another updo so that split ends or breakage is hidden underneath the parts of your hair that still look healthy. This will help give the illusion that all of your hair is healthy instead of just the roots.

3. Try A Split-End Sealer

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Fresh Cut Split End Mender, $24, Sephora

While a split-end sealer won't magically fuse your ends back together, it will help disguise the breakage. Focus the product on your tips or anywhere you have split ends to smooth and align them to give the appearance of freshly-cut hair.

4. Switch Up Your Part

The hair around your typical part is more prone to breakage due to the constant exposure. To conceal this damage, flip your part to a different side. This will show off the undamaged strands that have been hiding, and make it appear like all of your hair is that healthy.

5. Opt For Hair Accessories

Charlotte Headbands, $13, Target

Cute hair accessories will totally distract from any damage your hair might have. Try braiding your hair and clipping in some rhinestones or baubles. Or try a headband like one of these. You can even tuck your ends into the band to further hide fried strands.

6. Add Extensions

You could also make your hair look less damaged by clipping in extensions. Mixing undamaged wefts with the rest of your hair will give the overall appearance of healthier locks. Just be wary of overusing extensions as they could cause more damage to already-damaged hair.

7. Give Yourself A Trim

Eclipse Bronze Series 5 Inch Stylist Shears, $18, Amazon

If you have a little extra time, you could even eliminate some of your damage and split ends yourself. While you should probably only take scissors to your own hair if you feel comfortable doing so, if you're between appointments, give your tips a scan and snip off any obviously-split ends before they have a chance to travel up your strands and cause even more damage. Just be sure to use salon-quality shears instead of regular scissors so as to not cause even more split ends.

Images: kaboompics, Unsplash, Unsplash/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands; Miki Hayes (1)