BeautyBlender's Blotterazzi Just Hit Pro Status

You might already be familiar with the many different colors of BeautyBlenders. It seems like there's a tiny little sponge for every single occasion. Well, now some of their other products are getting a color makeover as well. In case you missed it, their facial blotting tool is now a part of the pro line. So what's the difference between the pink and black Blotterazzi? The product just got even better than before.

With summer coming to an end, you'd think that it would be the end of blotting papers and tools, right? Wrong. Oily-faced friends need the help all year 'round, and BeautyBlender is listening. According to their Instagram, the Blotterazzi just joined pro status in the makeup company's collection. That means that in addition to coming in black, it also has some pretty awesome new properties.

In case you don't already know, the Blotterazzi is designed to work like blotting papers. The catch is that it's reusable. According to the BeautyBlender site, this pink blotting tool is meant to absorb oil without ruining your makeup. If you can believe it, the tool has just gotten even better. Now you can actually get less oil and re-texturized makeup all at the same time (AKA get a more natural look).

Blotterazzi, $20, Sephora

How does the new black Blotterazzi do that, you ask? According to the product site, it uses an open cell texture to do the work. You might recognize the feel from other black pro products. Basically, you can get less oily skin and better makeup all at the same time. It really doesn't get better than that.

Blotterazzi Pro, $20, Sephora

That's not all that got an upgrade either. The Blotterazzi Pro has sleek silver packaging. Compared to the original white, plastic look, you can tell from one glance that this is new and improved. Plus there's actually a vented back and clear separator to keep it hygienic as well.

Blotterazzi Pro, $20, S ephora

If you're looking to blot that oil off and look great doing it, then you'll be happy to know that the Blotterazzi Pro s now available on the BeautyBlender site. What are you waiting for? Go get to shopping!

Images: BeautyBlender/Instagram (1), (2)