6 Places You Have To Take Your Dog This Fall

I'm kind of a dog lady. And by *kind of*, I mean my dog is my favorite living thing in the world and I regularly choose to hang out with him over humans, without ever second guessing my priorities. He's infinitely entertaining (to me), he's endlessly affectionate, and down for anything. Like, why wouldn't I be obsessed with him?!

And while I love humans, too, dogs are the best adventure buddies when you want space but don't want to be completely alone. They keep you company without cramping your style. They can hike farther than your friends, will complain less about obstacles, and never whine about bathroom options. So when I need a break from my social life, the city, or my routine, I'll pack the car and head out on a partial-solo-adventure with my dog.

And when it comes to planning fall adventures — which, I'd like to preface by saying are my favorite kind of adventure, since the temperature is tolerable, the foliage is amazing, and the traffic is less hellish — I think about where I can take my dog. No offense, friends. It's taken a long time of researching and trial and error, but I've put together a list of places that you can take your dog this fall and I hope you give them a try!

Go Off-Season Beach Bumming

During the summer, my dog gets kicked out of just about every beach. Most public beaches have rules about dogs, especially dogs off leash, which is a total bummer because for whatever reason, dogs LOVE sand and tip-toeing into the tide. Wait until the season is over (it's usually after Labor Day) and enjoy watching your dog go freaking crazy on the sand.

Go On A Difficult Hike

Make sure you look up the hike online first, just in case it suggests you leave your dog at home. Some trails have such intense inclines that park rangers consider them dangerous for dogs. I've had to learn the hard way before by carrying my dog for 11 miles, and let me tell you, that stops being fun after a few steps.

Go Camping In A State Park

If you've got the kind of pup that won't leave your side, take them on an overnight trip with you! Just make sure you don't leave them unattended for too long — there can be all sorts of wild dangers in the woods that you don't want to introduce your pup to. Make sure your dog is secure with you in your tent at night. They will keep you from getting too spooked, too.

Go Canoeing On A River Or Lake

I know, it sounds kinda nuts, but it's actually a thing! Make sure you have a life vest for your pup just to ease your mind, and head out onto the river or lake of your choice. While it's not an obvious activity for your dog, you'll be surprised how much they like being ushered around the lake. And of course, if it's warm enough, go for a swim together.

Go Pumpkin Picking

Not because it's like a basic fall thing to do, but because pumpkin is actually really good for your pup's health —you can make natural cookies with baked pumpkin. Sure, they won't understand the concept of picking a pumpkin, but most patches are dog-friendly and you might find yourself in a fun social situation because of it.

Go On A Pet-Friendly Vacation

If you've been wanting to take a trip, but the responsibility of being a dog owner has made it seem impossible, get ready to be wowed: there are thousands of dog-friendly hotels that don't only permit pets, but encourage you to bring them and cater to them. So, yeah, can definitely take that trip you've been putting off for years. From bed and breakfasts to chain hotels like Best Western, to more niche resorts like Paws Up in Montana, who hosts a dog benefit called the Canine Classic, and all the way down to Amanyara in Turks and Caicos, you'd be seriously surprised how many places are waiting to welcome you and your pup.

Images: Courtesy of Kaitlyn Wylde