When Will Frank's New Album Be On Spotify?

After years and years of waiting, a spectacular visual album release on Aug. 19, and a gorgeous music video release on Aug. 20, Frank Ocean's new album, Blonde , is finally here. Previously titled Boys Don't Cry, the release flawlessly showcases Ocean's new sound after four years away from the industry. But, though the album is on iTunes, it doesn't seem to be present on any streaming sites other than Apple Music — so it's worth wondering when Ocean's Blonde will be on Spotify for the masses to stream to their desire.

Well, unfortunately, the answer to that question is not entirely apparent. It seems Ocean might have an exclusive deal with Apple Music, meaning that his releases will go there before anywhere else — hence why Endless and "Nikes" both premiered on there only. Of course, that doesn't mean Ocean's Blonde will never be on Spotify — Drake has a deal with Apple Music for exclusive content first, but his latest album Views still eventually made it to Spotify on May 13, a full week after its Apple release — but it does mean it might take a while. Whether that'll be a week, two weeks, or four weeks isn't clear, but considering Ocean's other releases like channel ORANGE are on the streaming site, I'd think it seems pretty plausible.

In the meantime, Blonde is available for download on iTunes.

Image: Apple Music