This 'PLL' Clue Proves Spencer Can't Be Mary's Kid

Pretty Little Liars loves to keep its fans guessing and this latest baby mystery is no different. After discovering that Mary Drake gave birth to a second child, the majority of last Tuesday's episode was dedicated to Spencer and Aria trying to find out who this other baby could be. Naturally, many names have been tossed into the ring like Noel Kahn and good ole Wren, however, some others have now started to believe that Spencer is Mary Drake's other daughter on Pretty Little Liars . And while I certainly understand the reasoning behind it, especially given how Dr. Cochran described the child as "tenacious" and an overall real fighter (both of which seem to describe Spencer perfectly), I'm tempted to think this is just another red herring the show is throwing at us in order to draw out attention from the real possible candidate.

Obviously, on a show that breeds on theories and speculation, I don't expect for you to just take my word for it, which is why I've taken the liberty of bringing a little back up to my theory. In my opinion, there was one major clue revealed earlier this season that indicates that clearly Spencer can't be Mary Drake's daughter like the writers seem to want us to believe.

Back when Mary and Spencer first interacted together, Mary remarked at how much Spencer and Melissa "looked like twins." Spencer responded to the remark by admitting that they used to get mistaken for one another all the time when they were younger. But if that's the case and they really did look so alike, then odds are they are actual biological sisters, meaning it would be impossible for Mary to be Spencer's mother.

After all, Dr. Cochran told Spencer and Aria that Mary Drake gave birth to one other child after Charlotte. Not twins... one child. He would've had no reason to hide that information from the girls, especially since he was knee-deep in whiskey by that point. So the fact that Melissa and Spencer look so similar only enhances how unlikely it is for Spencer to be that second baby. Sure, it is possible for people who aren't related to look alike. (There are plenty of celebrity lookalikes out there in the world.) But then what would be the point in making the twin comparison at all? This could've been I. Marlene King's way of hinting that Spencer isn't the one we should be looking at.

We may be lightyears away from ever knowing the truth behind this latest mystery, but from where I'm standing right now, Spencer may be tenacious in her own unique way, but she's not the baby we're looking for. This show prides itself on misdirection, so if the clues are piling up in Spencer's favor, then odds are it's just another tactic to prevent us from seeing the truth. That baby is out there — just not in the form of this particular Hastings.

Images: Byron Cohen/Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr