When Can I Get Twitter Night Mode? Good News, iPhone Users

With iOS users finally getting a taste of Twitter's new Night Mode feature, people's nighttime routines are about to get seriously eye-pleasing. No more squinting due to harsh hues — Twitter is making your feed easy on the peepers. You might be wondering: when can I get Twitter Night Mode on my phone? Well, the answer is a little tricky.

We've all struggled with the fact that our phones can be super bright at night when we just want to check in on an email. We've in bed, we unlock our phones and — boom. Eye-blinding light. Most of the time this happens when I am check out my Twitter feed. Even though my phone is on the lowest setting for brightness, my eyes are still watering in the dar. Luckily, Twitter has come up with a solution. Android users have been testing out this feature since July and now Apple has started rolling it out as well. With a little help from some prominent app developers, they are introducing Night Time mode on Twitter — a dimmer, darker hued version of the app that you can control from you phone in order to make your browsing experience that much more pleasant.

Users are already testing it out as this is being written. Many people like the coloring better than the actual day one and might just keep it going the entire day. It's cool that Twitter cares this much about it's user's experience on their app. So how can you get this on your phone? A simple answer. Wait.

Since Twitter has made this available today, you might be wondering why you aren't able to use the feature. I know I am. The official Twitter support page has already posted instructions on how to find it on your account in the video above. But if you are one of the unlucky people who still cannot see it, I would suggest updating your app.


Once you do that it should be available on your phone. If you still don't see it on your phone, it's just a waiting game — like all new features on large apps, it takes a day or so for the rollout to reach everybody. I know that I haven't been able to get my peepers on the Night Mode feature yet.


Since they just released it for iOS, users shouldn't be too concerned. It's coming your way. I know I'll be waiting over here until it pops up as an option. Who doesn't want an easier time scrolling through their feed? Just be sure to look into how it affects the text on your end — some users have been having a hard time reading tweets.

Otherwise, this seems like an amazing feature I cannot wait to experience for myself!

Images: Pixabay, Giphy (1)