How To Tell If You Have Twitter Night Mode On iOS

On Monday, Twitter announced via — what else? — Twitter that night mode was finally getting rolled out to iOS devices. This, of course, left many iOS users wondering how to tell if you have Twitter night mode. After all, we’ve gotten so used to big updates on major social media platforms being announced, only to find out that the rollout of the updates will be gradual, that it’s gotten kind of tough to know whether or not you’ve actually got access to the Next Big Thing. But I have good news for you: With Twitter night mode for iOS, it’s not only incredibly easy to tell if you have it, but what’s more, it doesn’t look like the rollout is going to be gradual. That is, you probably have it right now. Hoorah!

Night mode was first introduced to Android devices at the end of July. The idea is the same one behind apps like f.lux and the existing iOS feature Night Shift — dimming your screen when it gets dark out prevents eye strain, which keeps your peepers in much better condition in the long term. (F.lux and Night Shift also change the color of the light emitted by your device; standard blue light, which most computers and electronic devices use by default, can disrupt your sleep patterns.)

As someone who is already genetically flawed when it comes to my vision — I’ve worn glasses or contacts for near-sightedness since I was nine — I appreciate night mode tools; the last thing I want is my already-terrible vision getting worse because I spent too much time reading Twitter in bed. (Which, granted, is not a thing I should be doing anyway, because it’s horrible sleep hygiene, but, well… old habits die hard.)

Twitter’s initial tweet about the news states that the feature is “rolling out today” — and wouldn’t you know it? When I booted up Twitter to check, there it was! Here’s how to tell if you, too, have Twitter night mode on your favorite iOS device:

1. Open The App And Go To Your “Me” Tab

We’ll look at my own seldom-used Twitter profile as an example. This is my “Me” tab. Once you’re there, tap the little gear icon to the right of your profile picture.

2. Take A Look At Your Settings Menu

Do you have something that says “Turn on night mode” available as an option in the menu? Congratulations — you have night mode! If you turn it on, it'll look something like this:

If you don’t see an option allowing you to turn on night mode, though… well, you don’t. Have night mode, that is. Sorry. However, I believe pretty much all iOS users should be getting access to it today, so just make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your phone and you should be good to go.

Happy bed-tweeting, friends! May you, too, derive as much pleasure from your bad sleep hygiene habits as I do.

Images:; Lucia Peters/Bustle (3)