Benefit's BIG SEXY Eye Kit Makes Eye Makeup Easy

by Jessica Thomas

When it comes to makeup routines, I'm all about trying new things, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Smoky eyes using five different shades? Sign me up. But when it comes to everyday eye makeup, I need something simple. That's where Benefit's They're Real! BIG SEXY eye kit comes in.

The product is one of Benefit's new launches for this fall, and if the pictures are accurate, I think this might be an eye makeup game changer. Launching officially in September, the new Benefit eye kit has three shades in the palette. But the surprising bonus to these shades? There's actually two different colors in each section of the palette. Each one has a light version of the shade and a darker version, and you can use Benefit's custom shadowblender to create an easy contoured eye look in one fell swoop.

You use the brush to pic up the shadow, and as you sweep it across your eye, the lighter color goes near your eye and the darker color goes in the crease. It's similar to the way you'd contour your eyes using a bunch of different shades and brushes, but it's way easier. A perfect contoured eye with barely any effort? That sounds right up my alley.

See how there's a lighter shade and a darker shade in every section of the palette? That brush shape also looks like it's designed for perfect blending. The shades from top to bottom are Beyond Nude, Naughty Neutral and Bombshell Brown. I'm loving the pinkish Naughty Nude shade, and Beyond Nude looks like it'd be perfect for everyday makeup. At $36, the palette isn't cheap, but considering you're basically getting six shadow shades and a foolproof way to apply them, it seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Check out that adorable They're Real-branded packaging, too. Love it. Although we'll have to wait until September to start shopping the eye kits, these pics are just making me more excited for the launch. I know as soon as Benefit announces the official on-sale date, I'll be marking my calendar.

Images: Courtesy of Benefit