Izzy & Vinny May Not Make It On 'BIP'

Nothing on Bachelor In Paradise is ever certain. The couples you think are going to make it could split by filming’s end, the couples that you would never think about in a million years could go all the way. I really thought that Izzy and Vinny were one of Bachelor In Paradise 3 ’s definitive pairings, but, after Brett’s arrival, I’m not sure that these two are going to make it. Will Izzy and Vinny break up on Bachelor In Paradise ? My spidey senses are moving to yes.

The problems started when Brett Melnick, who was on Andi’s season of The Bachelorette, came in, and Izzy automatically felt a sort of stirring inside of her. I mean, I can understand that. Sometimes you see someone and you’re like, “Damn, son, I want a piece of that.” Unfortunately, Izzy told this to Brett before she did Vinny, and when she told Vinny that she wanted to see other people because she basically thought Brett was hot, he didn’t take it too kindly. Vinny said that he couldn’t believe that she wants to throw their relationship away because this guy walked in. In reality, Izzy and Vinny have been together for like literally a week, but, OK, fine. Izzy wants to see if there’s anyone else she wants to date in Paradise, Vinny isn’t so sure about it, and I think these two are on the road to Splitsville, population two. Izzy left open the option to get back together after she went on a date with other people, but Vinny didn't want that. He said he was heartbroken and couldn't stand it.

I feel bad for Vinny, because he is obviously so much more invested in the relationship than Izzy is. That’s tough, because sometimes, you just like someone more than he or she likes you! Vinny even cried! I really hope these two can get back together someday, because they’re so cute as a duo, but if not, I just hope they’re both happy. They seem like good people, and both Izzy and Vinny deserve the best.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC