Are There Any Extra Benefits Of Shaving Your Arms?

Hair removal can be a prickly subject for some, while others are happy to share their body hair preferences. If you’re someone who shaves their arms, in addition to your personal reasons, it would be awesome to know if there are any benefits of shaving your arms besides hair removal, right?

From my experience, it seems to be more common among my gal pals and female relatives to shave their armpits, legs, and pubic area rather than their arms, although I’m sure there are tons of ladies out there who de-fluff their arms regularly. During an article where I asked a bunch of women why they shaved, I discovered that one gal shaved her arms to feel more confident and hygienic, while another liked how smooth her shaved arms felt and she'd shaved since puberty so she continued her routine.

No matter your reasons, you’re probably curious to discover if there are any benefits of shaving your arms besides hair removal. I spoke with Board Certified NYC Dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou in order to find out, because silky smooth arms combined with potential skin benefits likely sounds like a dream come true to ladies who shave their arms on a regular basis.

Dr. Papantoniou tells me, "As a dermatologist, I am going to recommend laser hair removal as the gold standard if you want to reduce arm hair." She continues, "This is because the cost and time that goes into having arm hair treated permanently is more effective and wiser than spending days/weeks/years shaving or waxing."

Dr. Papantoniou explains why shaving your arms isn't actually the best route to take to achieve smooth limbs, "Shaving and even waxing can leave ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps on your skin, discoloration, and even scarring."

Dr. Papantoniou says, "I also have noted that when fine hair is shaved on a regular basis – even arm hair – this can turn it coarse and thick, making it prickly to the touch, and lastly making it necessary that you continue shaving the area." She offers her expert advice, "So I recommend not shaving, and seeing a professional to discuss options for laser hair removal, there are lasers that work for all skin types." If you're someone who regularly reaches for the razor, it might be time to schedule an appointment with your local dermatologist to chat about what type of laser hair removal is best for your bod.

Dr. Papantoniou tells me, "I have even treated younger patients in the early teen years, this makes it easier for them in the future... less to worry about. They usually come with their parents' help because they are self-conscious about arm hair." She adds, "In my opinion it makes more sense to treat them when they feel they are ready with laser hair removal than to let them shave and make the problem worse over time, laser hair removal can help build their self-confidence."

In conclusion, it appears that aside from hair removal, there are zero benefits to shaving your arms. This may be sad news for serial arm shavers, but at least now you know there are far better ways to rid your arms of hair than hacking at them with a razor!

Images: Nicole Mason (1), Ryan Moreno (1), Brooke Cagle (2) /Unsplash