Juan Pablo Galavis Has Found Love

by Marenah Dobin

After the public hate Juan Pablo Galavis received for his antics during his Bachelor season, I imagine that it had to be pretty hard for the man to get a date. To put it kindly, he was far from being the most-liked Bachelor. But now it seems that things are working out for him in the dating world, because Juan Pablo has a new girlfriend, Osmariel Villalobos, a Venezuelan TV host. Not only does it probably take a special woman to get along with Galavis, but I also feel like dating him must come with along with some public scrutiny since he is arguably the most disliked Bachelor ever. So, who is Villalobos and how did she and Galavis meet?

In a very modern move, the couple actually has Instagram to thank for bringing them together. A mutual friend showed Galavis Villalobos' photo and then he started following her on Instagram. The former Bachelor star explained how it all went down in an interview with People: "I asked, 'who's that girl? She's cute. He told me, 'If you meet her in real life, you'll die. She's great!'"

Contrary to what you might expect, Galavis didn't immediately slide into her DMs and he didn't actually contact her until she posted a video of herself dancing with her nephew back in May. The reality star said,

"I thought it was cute, so I commented on her Instagram. She replied to me, and then I wrote to her on private message. We talked about her nephew, and she said that she was spoiling him! We exchanged numbers and then we started texting each other. And it started that way."

No matter how you feel about the controversial reality star, you have to admit that is actually a pretty cute story. So, now that we know how these two came together, let's learn a little more about Villalobos.

She Models

She is also a successful model. If you scroll through her Instagram, you'll see that she is constantly working.

She Works In Media

Villalobos is best known for being a popular TV host for the Venezuelan TV network Venevisión's news show Portada's.

She's Serious About Juan Pablo

If you take a cursory glance at Villalobos or Galavis' Instagram pages, you can see that he is already a major part of her life. Even when they're not together, they have posted pictures and videos of themselves Skyping and finding other ways to be in touch.

She Is Into Fitness

Villalobos is a big social media user, and she posts about her workouts all the time.

She Was A Beauty Queen

In 2011, Villalobos was crowned Miss Earth Venezuela in addition to competing in other pageants.

She Enjoys Dancing

Villalobos seems to live life to the fullest and that includes dancing around and having fun whenever and wherever possible.

She Loves Being An Aunt

Since a post about her nephew is what made Galavis reach out to her, it is not at all surprising that she has a close bond with her nephew. It looks like she's already prepared to be a step-mom to Galavis' daughter Camila.

As polarizing as the Bachelor star has been over the years, everyone deserves to find happiness and it looks like he's found someone who's great with him.