What Else Has 'Boy Meets World's Minkus Been In? Get Ready, 2014 Is the Minkonaissance

For the first time in, well, ever, adults are actually excited about a Disney Channel show. Ever since the Boy Meets World sequel series, Girl Meets World , was announced, we've been getting good news piece by piece, making the wait for its premiere even more unbearable. The latest development involves the return of a classic Boy Meets World character who we haven't seen in a while — no, not Mr. Turner. Get ready for the return of everyone's favorite geek as Minkus will guest star on Girl Meets World.

Well, technically Lee Norris will guest star on Girl Meets World, but would you really recognize him by name? After Boy Meets World, Norris starred on One Tree Hill from 2003 to 2012, and hasn't been up to much since. Maybe by stepping back into the role that made him (sort of) famous, Norris will rejuvenate his career.

He has another promising project coming up, appearing in the highly anticipated Gone Girl film as Officer Washington. It might be a small role, but it's a big movie that paired with Girl Meets World, could bring Norris some nostalgia-fueled stardom. If all goes well, we might be at the forefront of a Minkonaissance.

Either way, at least we'll get to find out what Minkus was up to while the rest of the Boy Meets World was attending Pennbrook, getting married, discovering long-lost siblings, using co-ed bathrooms and having prank wars. Before you catch up with Minkus on Girl Meets World, here's a reminder of what he was up to the last time we saw him.

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