Brit's 2016 VMAs Outfit Is Her Sexiest LBD Ever

The Holy Spearit slayed the 2016 VMAs... because of course she did. Britney Spears reinvented the LBD with her 2016 VMAs outfit. While Brit Brit has attended plenty of VMAs ceremonies over the course of the past 10 years, the 2016 edition marked the pop diva's return to the stage. The always sultry Spears is performing at the VMAs for the first time in a decade. Yes, I am eagerly anticipating her performance ensemble, which will no doubt display plenty of skin and those taut, hard-earned abs that she loves showing off when shaking her thang. But her pre-show black dress was her sexiest LBD... ever.

I know, that's really saying a lot, since Brit Brit's outfits are always dangerously sexy and smoldering. Sexy is in her DNA. Brit has never been shy about showing off her body or from turning up at the VMAs in unforgettable outfits. Remember when she and former BF Justin Timberlake made Canadian tuxes... cute? Their all-denim ensembles still elicit conversation.

But her black dresses have been memorable, too. Like that leather, S&M biker outfit of yore. Spears' sparkly, Moschino micro-mini from 2011 remains one of my fave Brit Brit frocks of all time. But even though it's 2016, she'll turn 35 in December, and she is a mother of two, Brit didn't dial back the sexy.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She wore her golden locks loose and wavy.

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She made sliced and diced look dayum fine. There was a side zipper, too.

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Her body-hugging, asymmetrical LBD hit at the thigh on one side and past the knee on the other. It was one-shouldered and single-sleeved, with a diagonal slit that nearly bisected the dress. She showed off some sideboob and underboob.

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Honestly, Spears' dress look painted on! It was sexy AF. Double-stick tape was so her BFF.

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Brit doesn't bring sexy back... since it never left.

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ICYMI: This was Brit at the 2011 VMAs. Not crazy, but crazy sexy!

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For good measure: her black leather look! It was totes unforgettable.