Britney's "Liar" Shows She Is Fed Up

It's Britney, b*tch... again! The inimitable Britney Spears released her ninth studio album, Glory, on Friday, and it's pop perfection of the Britney variety. When she's good, she's good, and suddenly you're having flashbacks to the amazing chair dance in "Drive Me Crazy." One of the best tracks on the album is "Liar," which is about calling out all those dead-weight, loser liars in your life. Spears will have your back and encourage you to trim. the. fat. She has no time for excuses and dumb games anymore in her life — she has a Vegas residency, people. The lyrics of "Liar" prove that Spears is done with skeezy, two-faced dishonest men for good.

The lyrics have that classic Britney attitude where you can tell she is, frankly, PISSED OFF, and also, just completely over it. "You can call, call, call, you can beg and you can bleed," she sings on the chorus. She's addressing some low-life that had the nerve to ruin her world ("I'm left in the ash of the bridges you burned") and then crawled back on his knees, at which time Spears' heart had solidified into ice-cold crystal, and she was like:

Baby talk, talk, talk, Keep on lying through your teethYou know I know that you know I know,That you're a liar, a liar

It taps into the country in Brit, which is nice to hear, and it's apparent that Spears' days of entertaining fools of men who dare waste her time are behind her.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But don't take it from me, or even from the charged lyrics on "Liar:" take it from Spears herself. In her recent appearance on James Corden's charming series Carpool Karaoke, Spears was a total treat. She and Corden sang along to some of her classic hits: "Oops...I Did It Again!" and even "...Baby One More Time" in matching schoolgirl outfits. And there was also Spears admitting, very casually and matter-of-factly: "I think I might not ever go to men again ... I'm just done with men." She added that while she "might french kiss someone," that she doesn't "believe in marriage anymore."

And based on the song, it's probably because she was lied to by so many liars. Spears loves her kids a ton and is living her best life, as you can see on Instagram, and she just put out another amazing album. So good for her for being done with the whole mess of the "men" thing. She's had her fair share of bad.

Speaking of liars: Could it be that the lyrics of "Liar" are directed at her former beau Justin Timberlake — specifically, a response to his song "Cry Me A River?" Debatable, but the case can be made fairly convincingly. Even if it's not about JT, though, "Liar" is about burning bridges and getting rid of the negativity in your life. Because liars are always... toxic. (I had to.)