Noel & Jenna Have Mysterious Motives On 'PLL'

Most people get together with their high school friends to reminisce about the good old days, have a few drinks, and laugh at all of their inside jokes. That's not exactly the case on Pretty Little Liars. It seems that when former Rosewood High School students get together, it's to hunt down their omnipresent stalker — or, in the case of a certain pair of former students, cause serious trouble. Noel Kahn and Jenna have returned to Pretty Little Liars after being MIA for over a season, and while we can say that their intentions don't exactly seem good, we have no idea what these two are actually doing together. Are Noel and Jenna even working together, or is something else going on here?

It certainly seemed like Noel and Jenna were working together when Noel met up with his ex and the now-deceased Sara at The Radley. In fact, the Liars figured out that Noel was staying in Jenna's room, which is where she just so happened to keep an entire file on Charlotte DiLaurentis on her desktop. Given that the Liars also discovered that Noel's father was the judge who presided over the adoption of Mary's second child, it would make a lot of sense for Noel and Jenna to be working together on something Charlotte-related — but what is the real question here.

One theory could explain the connection. If Noel really is Mary's son (or, at least, believes he is) perhaps he and Jenna are working together to finish what Archer and Mary started: gaining control of the Carissimi Group. Maybe Noel believes that the money going to Jason and Alison really belongs to him, and recruited Jenna — an enemy of Alison's — to help him steal the fortune. Even though Jenna was originally working with Sara, it's possible that Noel still killed Sara because they were afraid that she was getting too sympathetic to the Liars' cause.

Still, there's something about that theory that feels too... simple. Noel and Jenna might be villains, but I have a feeling that they're not the Big Bads that we should be looking out for. Could Noel and Jenna not be scheming against the Liars at all, but also worried about the Uber A that's out there? Perhaps the person torturing the Liars is also after Jenna and Noel, and these two are working together to find out who that villain could be. It's likely that, like the Liars, they already have their suspicions. If Noel is aware of Mary's biological child — and it's one of the Liars — it could explain why he is so hostile towards them: Noel may be convinced that it's really the Liars stalking and torturing him.

There's another possibility: Jenna and Noel are the ones who really killed Charlotte. Though Jenna insisted that she was friends with Charlotte before she died, Jenna seemed quite afraid of her when she was in high school. I. Marlene King aslo revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Charlotte tried to drown Jenna because Jenna learned that Alison was alive — what if Jenna got payback for Charlotte's failed murder attempt by committing a real one?

It's all possible — but until we figure out what Noel and Jenna's real deal is, they'll remain on the A suspect board.

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