What Exactly Is Noel Kahn Guilty Of On 'PLL'?

He's long been a shady figure, and he's only gotten more suspicious since his return to Rosewood, especially since all signs point to Noel Kahn having killed Sara Harvey on Pretty Little Liars. But is that crime one he actually committed? Let's just say, things are not exactly looking good. First, the Liars got long-delayed proof that he was involved in the whole psychotic dollhouse fiasco. Then, there's the fact that his parents own the land near Hanna's torture barn (Hanna's weird meeting with Mrs. Grunwald also seemed to imply he was involved). And if he already has a proven track record of torturing the girls in the dollhouse, as well as potential evidence that he did it again, who's to say he's not capable of more? Given his history as a henchman, it's not exactly impossible. Add that to Alison's allegation that he once pushed a sorority girl down the stairs, and Noel seems totally guilty.

Plus, thanks to Aria and Jason's co-snooping, there's even more reason to believe he could be Mary Drake's other secret child — aka Charlotte's secret sibling. Now, I'm not sure how that would connect him to Sara Harvey, whose post-Charlotte allegiances so far have been confusing, to say the least, but it would definitely give him the motive to be A.D., who's intent on finding Charlotte's killer.

Perhaps most damning evidence of all was his "denial" of killing Sara, which, LBR, looked more like a confession. He didn't exactly act like an innocent man when Hanna accused him of the crime — sure, he may have claimed that Sara just "fell in the shower," but it was pretty clear his heart wasn't in it. The fact that he took Sara's phone (or what was allegedly Sara's phone, anyway) from Hanna and threatened her life in the process doesn't exactly bode well either.

Still, the torture evidence, possible adoption record, and general untrustworthiness don't necessarily make Noel Sara's murderer. We also know that no one loves a good red herring more than Pretty Little Liars and the fact that all five Liars are pretty much convinced he's their guy doesn't bode well for his guilt. The summer finale may be quickly approaching on Aug. 30, but there's still the series finale to look towards, and it's might just be a little too soon to unmask Sara's killer (and/or Mary Drake's secret child, and/or A.D.), no matter how much we all love to hate Noel Kahn.

Even if he's not the Big Bad or Sara's true killer, the Canadian promo for midseason finale definitely reveals a real connection between Noel and Charlotte, so the Liars may be in serious trouble.

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