Kylie Jenner Applies Her Lip Kits In A Special Way

Have you ever applied your Lip Kit and though, "I wonder how Kylie Jenner does it?" Well, now that question has been answered for you. Kylie Jenner did a Lip Kit tutorial on her Snapchat, and it turn she does things a little differently than you might think. If you're looking to get the perfect liquid lipstick pout, then you'll want to follow her three simple application steps.

Odds are you've seen plenty of photos of Jenner wearing her Lip Kits. She's constantly sharing pictures of herself in the colors, which makes them all the more appealing to buy. Jenner gave a very short, but very helpful Snapchat tutorial on how she wears her Lip Kits. She's got her own way of doing it, and it's actually pretty genius.

The first step is to apply the lip liner to the entire lip, rather than just the edges. Next, apply the liquid lipstick to just the center of each of your lips. Pretty self explanatory so far, but the final step is the real game-changer. Jenner then taps the lipstick out with her finger until it dries. She warns that some of it will come off on your hand, but assures her fans that it'll still look great. Why she didn't share her advice with us sooner, I may never know.

If you follow Jenner on Snapchat, you might have seen her mini Kyshadow tutorial as well. Until she starts making her own YouTube tutorials (a girl can dream, right) I guess we'll have to settle for these short videos!

1. Line Your Lips

She gave you the liner for a reason, people.

2. Apply Liquid Lipstick

Just apply it to the center of your lips. Don't get crazy with it.

3. Pat Dry

Instead of waiting for it to dry, pat it dry.

It's that easy!

Image: KylieJenner/Snapchat (3)