Jon & Daenerys Have To Meet On 'GoT' Season 7

There is no doubt in my mind that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are going to meet in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Considering that their paths are close to intersecting, and, spoiler alert, Jon is actually a Targaryen, it seems like a given that Daenerys and Jon will at least meet each other in the upcoming season. The two are already rulers in their own right. Thus, their responsibilities to be really good leaders is becoming more and more important by the way. Their paths at leaders are currently running parallel to each other but as worlds begin colliding, especially with Daenerys destined to land in Westeros, they could be intersecting very soon. But how will they do it?

Two people have never been more destined to meet on Game of Thrones than these two crazy kids. There's been no real indications as to what exactly will bring them together, though. We know they're related and that they'll soon be on the same landmass, but that's about it. (After six crazy seasons, I'd call that real progress.) So let's all take a moment to stare into our respective crystal balls and try to divine the scenarios that could logically bring Jon and Daenerys together. They way I see it, there's a ton of possibilities.

1. Jon Decides To Learn More About His Family

Now that we've firmly established that Jon's father was a Targaryen, thus making him a Targaryen, he will inevitably find out the truth and go looking for his family. Right? I hope so. If Jon does feel compelled to go searching for his remaining family members, then it's only a matter of time before he meets his badass aunt.

2. Jon Asks For Help Fighting The White Walkers

There are signs that Bran Stark will bring down the Wall, thanks to his newfound status as the Three-Eyed Raven. If this actually happens and the White Walkers invade, Jon Snow is going to need big numbers to defeat them. Maybe he calls on Daenerys to make use of her dragons?

3. Daenerys Meets Jon At Her Coronation

Let's face it: Daenerys is destined to rule Westeros. All the signs are pointing to it; she's literally been saying, in some form or another, that she is going to rule no matter what. So, when she does take the Iron Throne, no doubt Jon Snow will snag an invite to the ceremony.

4. Daenerys Calls For Help To Fight Cersei Lannister

The showdown between Daenerys and Cersei, two of the strongest women in Westeros, will definitely be battling for the crown. With an inevitable dislike of the Lannisters in place (Sansa will probably give Jon the details about her time with them), Jon would be a great ally to Daenerys to take Cersei down.

5. They Meet Through Sansa Stark

Speaking of Sansa, she could help arrange their meet-up. With Tyrion back in the kingdom, he may be jonesin' to see another familiar face and, in the process, send Sansa an invite to King's Landing. What if she brought Jon along?

6. Melisandre Meets Daenerys And Tells Her About Jon

Melisandre is on her way south right now after being banished out of the North. It's possible word will reach Daenerys of Melisandre's proximity and she will extend an invitation to meet the Red Woman. What if Melisandre offers her aid to Daenerys by hinting as her role in Jon's resurrection? That could lead to Daenerys wanting to seek out the former Lord Commander herself.

7. Jon Tries To Invade King's Landing

Jon's also on a bit of a power kick lately. After being declared King in the North, he might have some crazy ideas about taking control of more of Westeros in the process. This could see him making a bold play for King's Landing or, at the very least, trying to snatch up the land owned by the other prominent Westeros houses. In either case, his power play would definitely get Daenerys' attention.

8. Daenerys Goes Looking For Jon

What if Daenerys felt the need to go searching for her remaining family while back in Westeros? She's been exiled the majority of her life. It would make sense that she would feel compelled to try and connect now that she is back home. In the process, she would definitely be tracking down her nephew.

9. Winter Drives The Starks Out Of Winterfell

Those winter winds look like they'd take a bite out of anyone who dared venture outside. Why spend the next couple of decades freezing in Winterfell when you can try and journey south, Jon Snow? Go on, go south You know who else is south, too? Daenerys.

10. They Meet Through Theon Greyjoy

The Greyjoys are Daenerys' allies now. With Theon and Yara back in Westeros, there's a chance they would go in search of other small armies to join Daenerys' cause. This could lead Theon to see out Jon, who now has a hefty Northern army. If all the pieces came together, may Theon would end up introducing Jon to Daenerys.

11. Magic. It's Got To Just Be Magic.

Jon and Daenerys meeting is going to happen sooner or later. That's just the truth of the matter. If all else fails, here's to hoping they start having weird dreams about each other or magical forces push them into meeting. Crazier things have happened on Game of Thrones.

We all have to prepare for literally any outcome in the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. If Jon and Daenerys are meant to meet, why couldn't it be through one of these scenarios?

Images: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy (13)