10 Types Of Readers You've Probably Encountered

by Julia Seales

It's easy to stereotype bookworms into a single category of people who prefer the company of books to humans and can usually found wrapped in a blanket with a mug of tea and the latest literary release. Some readers just don’t quite fit that description. There are many different different types of readers — and we bet you've encountered one of these 10 types of readers at one point in your life.

When you go into a bookstore, or a library, or interact with book-lovers in any setting, you probably notice some similarities between them. And maybe you even fit a specific stereotype yourself. Such as trying to find ways to fit your excessive book collection onto your already overflowing bookshelf. After all, some stereotypes exist because there’s a little truth to them, and we book-lovers have to admit that we sometimes behave like characters in a book. Ok, we behave like characters in books a large percentage of the time.

This book would be called Types of Reader Stereotypes You’ve Probably Encountered, and it contains the following characters…

1, The Classics Reader

This reader can often be found at rare bookstores, trying to track down the perfect copy of Jane Eyre. They've read every classic — not for class, for fun — and you're pretty sure that 80% of the things they say are actually book quotes. They're very sophisticated, and when you're looking for classy conversation, this is your go-to reader friend.

2. The Audiobook Addict

This reader is usually found with a pair of headphones, but don't talk to them until they hit pause because they might miss something.

3. The TBR Queen

Does this person actually read? You're not sure, but you know they have an endless TBR pile, because you've heard about it a million times. The TBR Queen talks more about the books they're going to read than the books they've actually read, and even though they have so much to read, they're somehow always on the lookout for new recommendations. They're always buying books.

4. The Recommendations Queen

Speaking of recommendations, this reader has endless amounts of them. You mention that you like thrillers, and she hands you a list of the best thrillers of the year. She sees you reading a classic, and offers to loan you a book she just knows you'll love. You don't know how she knows so much about so many books, but you have endless respect for her knowledge.

5. The One From Book Club Who Never Reads The Book

Everyone else read the book but her. She's the last to read the latest bestseller, but she's "definitely going to read it. It's on her TBR list." Oh, and she hates spoilers. OK, admit it: we've all been this person at one point.

6. The YA Expert

Their bookshelf is filled with stark black covers with teenage girls on the front. They know what's going to be the next big thing before anybody else. That movie adaptation that's about to come out? Yeah, they definitely read that book and became obsessed with it about five years ago.

7. The Harry Potter Fan

Does this person ever read anything besides Harry Potter? This person knows exactly what house all your friends would be in. They know how to make Butterbeer. They will ALWAYS be up for a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

8. The Literary Fiction Intellectual

This reader has a subscription to The New Yorker. They read books that will be considered classics in the future. They don't read genre fiction. They're a sucker for "beautiful prose."

9. The One With The Prettiest Books

This reader has an endless supply of beautiful books, and their shelf is truly a work of art. They organize it meticulously, and have a firm preference between paperbacks and hardcovers. Even if they have an e-reader, they can't resist buying hard copies of their favorite books. Their dream is probably to own a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.

10. The Reader Who, You Swear, Has Read Every Book Ever

Whenever you ask this person if they've read a book, the answer is always "yes." You're not sure where they find the time to read so much, but somehow, this person has read every book in existence. You want to be them when you grow up.

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