Nicki Minaj Brought A Familiar Face To The VMAs

The 2015 VMAs' white carpet memorably gave the world a glimpse at rap star couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill stepping out together. A year later and Minaj and Mill are still going strong despite breakup and marriage rumors plaguing them in equal measure. Minaj and Mill are at the 2016 VMAs together, once again proving their relationship is here to stay.

It's no surprise Meek is accompanying Minaj — they have been together for more than a year now. It's not just about Mill and Minaj showing up together on the iconic red carpet, the couple have been open about the trials of pursuing a long term relationship in the public eye. While Minaj shared photos on social media of her bae in abundance early on, after she began dealing with constant questions about her relationship status she started posting less about Mill.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Minaj discussed the pressures of sharing every detail of her relationship with Mill on social media. "You just have to do you and make yourself happy and forget about trying to get everyone's approval," she told DeGeneres. "It's better just to keep those things sacred. So, now, I don't really care to say 'I'm in a relationship' or 'I'm engaged' or whatever. There's a boy that likes me. That's all."

While you may not have heard much about Mill and Minaj lately, that radio silence has nothing to do with the state of their relationship. Mill and Minaj are still together as their stroll down the 2016 VMAs white carpet illustrates. Just because they prefer to keep their love on the down low does not mean Mill and Minaj are not the real deal. This rap power couple appears to be here to stay.