9 Ways People Got Revenge On Their Cheating Exes — VIDEO

There are so many ways to get revenge on a cheating ex. Particularly nasty betrayals can call for moments of malevolence that may or may not entail bed bugs, Nair snuck into shampoo bottles, laxatives, a social media smear campaign, or a good old-fashioned ditching of stuff out the window (fire optional) into oncoming traffic. Then again, for the pacifist types or the karmically careful, sometimes the best revenge is living well and moving the hell on.

A new BuzzFeed video sourced nine different ways that folks got revenge on their exes from the anonymous Whisper app, because why would you ever want anyone to know the details of your devious doings? As you might expect, some of the tactics were pretty diesel.

One guy knew his girlfriend cheated, so he convinced her to get a couple's tattoo with him before bailing just as it was his turn. (Talk about permanent damage.) But not everyone was so intense: two women played it a bit safer and merely ruined The Walking Dead's last season and deleted all the memory on their BF's PS3.

Although we don't get to find out what happened after they did these deeds, one can only hope these folks felt better after their actions. Unfortunately, revenge has a habit of backfiring and can sometimes end up making you feel even worse.

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Images: Fotolia; BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube