Britney & Kim K.’s Snap Is A Must-Watch

Oops!… The greatest Snapchat auteur of our time has done it again. While kicking it backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, Kim Kardashian snapped a video with Britney Spears, graciously posted it online, and changed my life for the better. Yup, before she sauntered out onto the VMAs stage to introduce Godney Jean’s much-anticipated performance of “Make Me…,” Kris Jenner’s second eldest child took a moment to record a brief video with the pop icon, and said brief video is a stunning, glimmering jewel that I could stare at until my eyes turned to dust.

The snap made its internet debut only last evening, and I've already watched the succinct, albeit powerful vid no less than three dozen times; I soak up every word, I drink in every smoldering duck face. I took a screen grab and made it my phone’s background— the closest I could get to literally tattooing the image onto my beating heart. Two of my fave-iest faves hamming it up together in one snap?!?! I. Am. Not. Worthy.

Our story begins with Spears and Kardashian staring into the latter’s phone camera backstage at the 2016 VMAs. “It’s Britney, b*tch,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star coos as she and the 2011 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard recipient radiate the only way a pair of legends can. A chill runs through my veins. And then, like a synchronized selfie team, they purse their lips in unison. Mid-duck face, the video stops; the show is over.

“Encore! Gimme More!” the audience cries as we hit the replay button. “Again, again!” And watch it again is exactly what we do.

Hey, Kimmy K. and Brit Brit? Thank you from the bottom of my not broken heart for making this snap happen.