Susan Sarandon & Rose Byrne Open Up About Playing Mother & Daughter In 'The Meddler' — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

For many adults, spending time with their mother is a luxury that dwindles as they get older. Not everyone is able to live in the same town — or even state — as their moms, which means that extended quality time is reserved for holidays and vacations. Of course, if absence makes the heart grow fonder, what happens when an absent mom suddenly becomes a lot less absent? That's the premise of Lorene Scafaria's film The Meddler , which stars Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne as a mother and daughter duo who get a lot closer (at least physically) when Sarandon's character Marnie decides to move from New Jersey to Los Angeles. In this exclusive clip from behind-the-scenes of The Meddler, the cast and crew talks the biggest emotional challenges of making this movie, because a mother and daughter relationship is never not complicated.

Scafaria, who wrote and directed the feature, based the relationship between Marnie and her daughter Lori on how her own mother/daughter relationship changed when Scafaria's mom moved to Los Angeles. According to Scafaria: "That was me at my worst, in front of the person who could see me at my absolute worst. And I wanted to be true to that [in the film]."

Though Marnie and Lori go through big changes in The Meddler, and definitely get into their fair share of brawls, there's clearly a lot of love between this mother and daughter duo. The film comes to Blu-ray, DVD and digital on Sept. 6.

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