Nick & Jen Wanted To Share A Bed On 'BIP'

I've come to expect tons of drama on Bachelor in Paradise, because that's kind of what the show is based on. But a full fledged pissing match over a bed? That's new. On Monday night's episode, Josh Murray got pretty mad when Nick Viall and Jen Saviano were going to sleep in the bed he wanted to share with Amanda Stanton— especially after he went through the trouble of bringing a fan into the room to cool them down. So what was the deal, here? Do couples typically spend their nights spooning, or were Nick and Jen trying to have sex on Bachelor in Paradise ? (Also why is there only one room to potentially do it in?)

Of course, there's no way of answering that question, since Nick and Jen didn't exactly explain what their intentions were... even though Nick seemed like he really wanted to sleep. And honestly, it isn't any of our business, since that's kind of personal thing between the two of them. But being that BIP is kind of a fast track to an engagement, it makes sense that relationships move quickly, so if couples who are progressing at different speeds want to share beds, it seems like that can and would totally happen. So maybe it was just the best bed? Or at least a really good one?

Either way, Nick and Jen are super cute together, and it's good to see Nick finally happy on one of these shows. After seeing him go through heartbreak twice in a row, I am rooting for him to finally find the love story he's been chasing, and Jen seems like an awesome person for him to find it with.

Maybe they'll finally get that bed they're looking for? Nah, probably not. Josh seems pretty on top of it.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC