Can Travis & Maddie Always Perform On 'SYTYCD'?

If you're obsessed with Travis Wall's choreography and Maddie Ziegler's dancing — as you should be — then the 250th episode of So You Think You Can Dance gave you a pretty amazing gift in the form of movement. Travis and Maddie's performance on So You Think You Can Dance on Aug. 29 confirmed why these two are such powerhouses in their field. Both got their start on TV at a young age (although one was significantly younger than the other) with Travis as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance in Season 2 and Maddie as the star student on Dance Moms. They joined forces to celebrate 250 episodes of the dance show and it made me wish they had been performing every week of The Next Generation season.

While Maddie's commentary as a judge has been a nice addition this season, specifically as a young voice for the Next Generation dancers on So You Think You Can Dance , there's no denying that viewers have wanted her to do what she's known for — dance. I mean, there are only so many times you can watch Maddie dance in Sia's music videos although I, like many others, have been up to the challenge. And though Travis has danced on So You Think You Can Dance since he competed, he's now the resident choreography king, filling Mia Michaels' dance shoes with his creative and soulful contemporary creations. His Aug. 29 piece to "Cage of Bones" by Son Lux was no exception and it was elevated by the fact that Travis himself got to perform in it alongside Maddie.

As with all of the Next Generation dancers and their All-Stars, there is an age difference between Travis and Maddie, but it really didn't matter in their dance because Maddie is such a fierce performer whose skill transcends her age. Travis showed off his fluidity and strength by having the dance phenom in a series of intricate lifts and though Maddie was more in the spotlight than Travis, he did get to shine a bit since if you remember him on Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance, you know how massively talented he is as a dancer as well.

Honestly, my only complaint was that I wish the dance had been longer so they would have had more time to show off their talents since they got a little shortchanged when it came to time. It felt like the dance was just picking up momentum by the time it ended. So hey, So You Think You Can Dance, here's an idea: How about a Travis-Maddie spin-off show? I know that I wouldn't be the only one who would watch that every week — plus, it would give me a break from my Sia music video binge.

Images: Patrick Wymore/FOX (2)