Democrats Spend More Money On Cam Girls Than Republicans, Survey Says

A new survey has looked at the age old question: who spends more money on porn, democrats or Republicans? Now my first question was: People spend money on porn? Are there states that don't have the internet? Just kidding, just kidding. The survey looked specifically at cam girls, because the folks at CamSoda Labs wanted to take a political stance on cam girl spending. Hey, the world needs everything.

"Today we take a look at token spending by predominantly Democrat and Republican states and come to a conclusion who spends more money on cam girls," says CamSoda Labs. "The results may shed light on why Republicans have deemed porn a National Health Crisis. Is it just another political move to shed light that Democrats are sexual deviants? Does sexuality play a role in how you view your own political affiliation? You decide."

And what was the outcome? Well, it turns out the Democrats take the lead. On average, Democrats spend $23 more per person than Republicans on cam girls. Now, I would take this with a massive grain of salt — they used what states normally vote left or right and then used the spending in those states, so it's very approximated, but it's still really fascinating to see the breakdown.

Here's what they learned, because people in Delaware really love their cam girls:

1. The Average Spent Per Month Is $50

That's right, out of people who are spending money on cam girls, the average spent per month is $50. It may not seem like a lot, but at $600 a year, that means cam girls ain't cheap.

2. Democrats Spent An Average Of $61 Per Month


Over a 20 percent increase on the average, that brings the Democratic's annual spend to $732 per person per year.

3. Republicans Spent An Average Of $38

... or only $456 annually, nearly $300 less than Republicans. Talk about fiscally conservative.

4. Delaware Was The Highest Spending Democratic State


There was a massive difference in spending between the states. Like massive, Delaware spent $238 per person for month, which is HUGE — 375 percent higher than the average. The lowest spend for a Democratic state? Vermont, with only $4 a month spend on average. Which may seem low, until you remember that they have Ben and Jerry's — and who really needs anything else?

5. And Georgia Was The Highest Spending Republican State

Georgia spent $140 per person per month or 190 percent higher than the average. But they also went all the way down to $4 a month, with Idaho folks only spending $48 per year on average.

Images: Fotolia; CamSoda Labs; Giphy