Wells & Shusanna Connected Instantly On 'BIP'

Since Wells first entered Bachelor in Paradise, he's been a hot ticket — not that I didn't see that coming, of course. First, he and Ashley Iaconetti went on a date, and they hit it off. Then, he and Jami Letain went on a date, and they hit it off. And then, on Monday night's episode, Wells and Shushanna (from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, remember?) went on a date, and of course, they got along, too... and Wells seemed completely obsessed with her pretty much immediately. So are Wells and Shushanna together after Bachelor in Paradise ? And more importantly, does this guy ever make a decision?!

According to Wells' social media, it doesn't seem that he's currently dating Shusanna... or Jami... or Ashley... or anyone at all. Most of his recent posts are with male friends, so his Instagram isn't a very good indicator of his current relationship status (unless it means he's totally single). And then, Shushanna's Instagram is filled with selfies and photos with her fellow female Bachelor alums who she's still friends with, so no idea if she's dating Wells or anybody else, either. So what's going on?! What is happening?! Who is Wells with!?

It shouldn't surprise anybody that Wells is compatible with just about anyone; he's basically the human equivalent of an adorable puppy dog. But he does need to make a final decision, and when he was with Shushanna, he seemed pretty happy. So was it just infatuation or is there something real there? Maybe we'll find out on next week's ep!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC