What Does Luke Think Of 'Bachelor' Nick? JoJo's Former Contestant Has A Positive Outlook On His Own Life

It could have been him... but in the end Luke wasn't picked to be the Bachelor. Although the JoJo cast off did seem like he'd be a good fit for the show, Nick Viall was chosen for the Bachelor instead, and Luke will have to keep looking for love in the real world. Shortly after the announcement on Tuesday night, Luke took to Twitter to share some introspective thoughts. Although he didn't specify that he was talking about the show, he did thank his supporters and shared a note of hope. His fans were very vocal when he wasn't chosen, but Luke has a positive message for them: Everything happens for a reason.

On Instagram, Luke shared an inspirational quote that said, "Trust God's timing, he has a plan for everything." He also wrote a lengthy caption to accompany the photo that further delved into his thoughts. "Thanks for all the love and support over the past few months, sometimes in life we are faced with unexpected changes. I'm happy to be back home in Nashville and so excited about what the future holds," the caption said.

So, he may not be the show's new leading man, but he seems to be looking forward to his future in Nashville and everything he believes God's plan holds for him.

And, amazing country singer that he is, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Luke. Hopefully that will make his fans feel a little less sad.

Image: Veronica Gambini