Where Is Trace Cyrus Now? Miley Cyrus' Brother Is Back With Metro Station & Brenda Song

The Cyrus family has a way of staying famous throughout the years — from Billy Ray's "Achy Breaky Heart" in the '90s to Miley "just being Miley" from the 2000s until now. Yet, one famous Cyrus family member has flown more under the radar in past years, so what is Trace Cyrus doing now? In the latter half of the 2000s, the Cyrus spawn owned the airwaves with Miley's "See You Again" and Trace's band Metro Station's single "Shake It." Miley was always more of a celebrity than her older brother (Trace and Miley have the same biological mother and Billy Ray adopted Trace), but since the good old aughts, her fame has far eclipsed his. However, don't count Miley's tattooed brother out just yet, since Trace is still making music.

Metro Station found success with the singles "Shake It" and "Seventeen Forever" from their debut, self-titled album and both songs charted on Billboard's Hot 100 in 2008 and 2009, respectively. However, Trace left the band in 2010, but returned to Metro Station four years later in August 2014. To coincide with the reunion, they released the single "Love & War" and went on tour in fall 2014. Since then, the band is going strong with Metro Station just announcing on Sept. 1 that they have a headlining tour happening in October and November 2016 for their second full-length album Savior .

Besides his band, Trace was also known for dating actress Brenda Song, the former Disney star (like his sister!) who has since gone on to be in films like The Social Network, as well as landing notable TV guest spots on Scandal and New Girl. Trace was engaged to Song in 2011, but the couple broke it off in 2012, days after Miley announced she was engaged to Liam Hemsworth. Oddly enough, Miley seems to be following in her brother's exact footsteps when it comes to relationships since Song and Trace got back together, "announcing" it through photos on their Instagram accounts in 2015 — just like Miley and Hemsworth would end up breaking off their engagement, only to begin dating again years later in 2016. Like brother, like sister?

I can't help but root for the Cyrus kids and their significant others and Trace opens up about Song a lot on his Instagram account, noting how the couple has had their "ups and downs" throughout their six years together. Based on his social media, Trace has recently moved from Los Angeles to Nashville (with his two outrageously adorable dogs), but the pair maintains a long-distance relationship. He also has managed to mix business with pleasure since Song will appear in Metro Station's forthcoming music video for the song "Married in Vegas."

Although his move to Tennessee may have taken him away from Song, it seems to have brought him closer to most of his large family — which contains not only Billy Ray and Miley, but also his mom Tish and siblings Brandi, Braison, and Noah. In the Aug. 15 edition of People magazine, where Billy Ray was highlighted, Trace talked about the Cyrus family 500-acre farm in Tennessee. "Everyone is sort of migrating back here. My mom just got a new show and is about to start filming here," Trace said. "Braison and Brandi are in Nashville. But Miley and Noah are still in L.A. They'll probably never move back."

Beyond his personal life and band, Trace also owns the clothing company Southern Made Hollywood Paid (SMHP). You can buy the clothes, which are often modeled by Trace, Miley and Song, online and he has even collaborated with his sister on specific clothing lines. Obviously, owning SMHP clothes is a necessity for Cyrus family fanatics.

While Trace will probably always be known as Miley's older brother and may not be in the news as much as he was back at the end of the 2000s, he still appears super successful in his professional and personal lives. And really, what else could a Cyrus — or anyone for that matter — ask for?