Weird Things We Do When Applying Makeup

As any beauty lover knows, the game of lipstick, mascara, and highlighter is way more involved than just slapping some product willy nilly on your face. Getting ready to head to work in the morning or go out at night in the morning can be a soothing experience, but there are plenty of weird things we tend to do when applying makeup. I mean, is there any other time you wouldn't find bouncing a wet sponge all over your face strange? Probably not.

And, honestly, a lot of these weird things make a bit of sense: Keeping your mouth open when you apply mascara actually prevents you from blinking as much, and smiling truly does make putting on blush a lot easier. Humming a little theme song might not do much good in terms of getting your cat eye more even, but it makes the process seem a little less painful. So does a pre-liner pep talk, even if your roommates might give you weird looks for talking to your reflection in the mirror.

These things we all do when putting on makeup might come off as a little wacko, but they sure make mornings a lot more fun.