This 'PLL' Spoiler Could Change Everything

To say that the Season 7A finale of Pretty Little Liars was absolutely insane would be an understatement. Not only was it the first Pretty Little Liars episode depict a character being straight-up decapitated (hopefully it's the show's last episode involving that sort of twist, too), it also gave us an answer to a question we've been yearning for all season. Mary Drake claimed that Spencer is her second child, successfully confirming a popular fan theory as well as further tangling the twisted web that every family in Rosewood seems to be caught in. Though we've seemingly received an answer to the question of who Mary's second child is, one thing we haven't received — if Mary is telling the truth, of course — is the backstory behind how Spencer ended up living with the Hastings. Luckily, it may not be that long before we find out: According to Pretty Little Liars Season 7B spoilers that were revealed by creator I. Marlene King herself during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, that answer will be revealed in April 2017 when the show returns. In fact, based off of what King said during the call, it's beginning to seem more and more possible that Mary isn't actually Spencer's biological mother.

According to Bustle's Kelly Schremph, who was on the call with King, the showrunner says, "We will find out who Charlotte’s father is, and we will find out how Spencer came to be." That's an interesting way to phrase that sentence, which could mean that while Charlotte was born because of a relationship that Mary had with a certain man, Spencer may have "come to be" in a different way. King then goes on to state that this particular storyline was borrowed from Sara Shepard's novels, which could give a big clue as to how Spencer is Mary's daughter. What if Mary was really Veronica's surrogate, and not technically Spencer's biological mother?

In Shepard's book series, Spencer searches for her biological mother after her grandmother's will stipulates that she will only give inheritance to her "natural-born" grandchildren. Spencer assumes that this means she's adopted, and puts her name on a website for people looking for the kids they gave up for adoption. A woman named Olivia soon contacts Spencer, and the two determine that Olivia is Spencer's "real" mother. However, it is later revealed that Olivia is a con artist who steals Spencer's trust fund. Spencer's parents then explain to her that while Olivia did give birth to Spencer, she was only a surrogate, and that the reason they didn't inform Spencer about the truth was because they learned of Olivia's manipulative ways.

Though Spencer being Mary's biological daughter would be a juicy twist, it would also make a lot of sense for Mary to be a surrogate — especially if Mary and the Hastings were friends at one point in their lives, as Mary tells Spencer in the Season 7 premiere. Perhaps Jessica was the one who destroyed Mary's relationship with the Hastings family, meaning that Mary could never return to Rosewood to connect with the baby she carried to term.

Another clue that suggests Mary isn't actually Spencer's biological mother from spoilers from King's recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which she said the real identity of Mary's second child will remain a mystery until Season 7B. Could that mean Spencer isn't the kid that we should be looking for, and that Mary might have given birth to three separate children? Anything is possible on PLL, and it's very likely the show won't give us the full story until the curtain is finally closed.

The real mystery, of course, is how we're going to wait until April of 2017 to receive all of our answers about Mary, Spencer, and this mysterious baby. Sigh.

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