Google's Song Of Summer 2016 Is Your Favorite Drake Song, Too

As hard as it is to admit it, summer 2016 is pretty much over. A crispness is in the air and prestige movies are taking over the box office, which can only mean one thing: fall is coming. Google Play got a head start on eulogizing the end of summer by releasing their list of most downloaded songs of summer 2016, and it should come as no surprise that Drake's "One Dance" was at the top of the list.

"One Dance" does not have a music video yet, but the beautiful song, which also features Wizkid and U.K. singer Kyla, is exactly what music lovers needed during this long, strange summer. There is no denying summer 2016 had its ups and downs. The world faced a number of tragedies while the United States found itself embroiled in a frustrating election cycle and Europe dealt with the Brexit fallout..

Face it, summer 2016 was exhausting on so many levels, but Drake's "One Dance" was there to lift us all up. The song is all about letting go of all the stress, frustration, and worry weighing you down. It is about being in the moment and allowing music to give you a brief escape. It's about just giving into the joys of summer for one dance.

DrakeVEVO on YouTube

"I need a one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand, one more time 'fore I go, higher powers taking a hold on me," Drake sings. No matter how old you get, summer always feels magical and full of possibilities. Every year summer disappears way too fast, but you still get the opportunity to make fresh memories.

"One Dance" is a simple, soothing song. It's relaxing and yet it is still perfect to dance to. It was the memo to chill out everyone needed this summer wrapped in a perfect two minute package. Even though the news cycle weighed heavy on everyone's minds and hearts, summer 2016 had its good moments and "One Dance" was a reminder to celebrate the small things that make you happy in life — you know, like an expertly crafted Drake song, for instance.

With the music video rumored to drop soon, don't be surprised if "One Dance" is the song of the fall too. Summer was bonkers in 2016, and with November's elections just around the corner the fall is not exactly looking soothing. At least you can depend on the gentle melodies of Drake's anthem to dancing and forgetting your worries to have your back through every season.