Will Michelle Be Evicted From 'Big Brother 18'? She Suspects She's The Target

It might finally be time for Meech to start saying her goodbyes to her fellow Big Brother houseguests. Michelle failed to win the Power of the Veto this week — Nicole won and chose to keep the nominations the same — and remains on the block for eviction with Paul. When she was first nominated, Michelle felt pretty safe, believing that Paul was the target, but after seeing Paul, Victor, Nicole, and Corey grow closer throughout the week, Michelle is starting to wonder whether or not she's the real target. And, she's right. Nicole and Michelle have not hidden their dislike of one another, and even though Paul is a bigger threat to the game, Nicole has been clear that Michelle is her true target. But, will Michelle be evicted from Big Brother 18 or will Paul be the one to go?

Honestly, if Michelle is sent packing on Eviction night this Thursday, it wouldn't really come as a surprise. She's not particularly valuable to Nicole and Corey, and they're the ones running this house right now. Furthermore, evicting her would have few consequences for Nicole, who would be able to keep juggling her two final four alliances. That said, Paul's a threat, and Nicole knows it.

Nicole is considering turning on Paul, but Michelle might seal her fate with her anxiety. The pressure in the Big Brother house is mounting, and it seems to be getting to Michelle. If she's not on her A-game, she could lose her opportunity to push Nicole towards evicting Paul. I'm sad to say, Michelle should probably start packing her bags.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy