When Are Colourpop’s New Fall Lipsticks Coming Out? Set Your Alarms, Fans

Colourpop has somehow gone and created even more gorgeous lipsticks for fans to buy. The desire to shop was totally real after Colourpop's new fall lipsticks made their debut on Snapchat and Instagram. With shades from a deep plum to a perfect pink nude, the fall shades are totally fire. Because Colourpop loves their fans, they're not going to make them wait very long to snag these back to school, fall-ready shades. Nope, they're launching on Thursday as part of a special Labor Day promotion. That's right, just one day after their social media debut, the shades are heading your way via some awesome discounts.

With their incredibly affordable price point, the quality of the product, and the killer packaging, the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips are some of the best-selling liquid lipsticks on the market right now. Often used as alternatives to more expensive products, the Colourpop brand is also more than able to stand on it's own outside of its reputation for being a affordable alternative. Their innovative and unique fall shades totally prove this.

When the Colourpop team started swatching the fall lipsticks on Snapchat, my first thought was obviously when these beauties would launch, and they pulled no punches in announcing their debut as Thursday as part of the Labor Day sale. When spending money on gorgeous Colourpop lippies, if you spend $10, you can choose one new fall lippie free. At $25, you'll snag two. If you hit $40, you'll be able to get four, and if you really want to go ham, spending $50 gets you all four new fall lippies. If there's one thing Colourpop is good at — except they're actually good at everything — it's giving fans what they want, and I want those lipsticks.

Since the fall lipsticks are debuting on Thursday, it means they're here totally in time for back to school season. The nude pink and dusty rose shades are perfect for an every day look. If you're looking for a deeper lip, the plum hue is right up your alley.

If you were on the hunt for new fall lipsticks, you've definitely got them now. On Thursday, get ready for a fall sale to beat fall sales. I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be ready to snag these lipsticks.

Images: Colourpop/Snapchat (1)