Girl Loses It At "Pizza Is My Boyfriend" Lunchbox

Despite the fact that pizza is maybe one of our oldest culinary innovations, 2016 has become the year to celebrate it. It's as if every twentysomething made an unspoken pact to be true to pizza this year, and we're all in a romantic relationship with the dish — which is exactly why a video of a toddler who can't stop laughing over a "Pizza Is My Boyfriend" lunchbox has the legs to go viral. Seriously, it won't be long before the "pizza is my boyfriend" logo makes its way to tube socks, doormats, and temporary tattoos.

It's clear that we're in a pizza-loving climate. For our parents, it was the age of Aquarius. For us, it's the age of pepperoni. When we were kids, Disney princes were boss; they held a spell over our hearts. As young adults, pizza rules our heart. So watching this adorable little girl lose herself over the concept of dating pizza only reminds me of what it was like when my mother would ask me if I wanted to marry Aladdin. I erupted in the same swell of giggles. I cracked my self up. Fell down laughing. Couldn't look her in the eye. Which leads me to believe that this little girl does want pizza to be her boyfriend — in fact, that's exactly what she wants. I know that look of love. Watch this video and let your heart melt like the top layer of a cheesy mozzarella topping fresh out of the oven:

But what's maybe more important that the insane cuteness of this exchange is the fact that this lunch box is real and it's out there and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Here it is, because if you ever needed an excuse to go green and start bringing your lunch to work, this is it:

Pizza Lunchbox

This sweet lunch bag has both glitter and pizza and heart-shaped pepperoni — it's basically just showing off. No wonder that little girl couldn't keep it together. Could you?

EmojiNation Pizza Is My Boyfriend Insulated Lunch Bag, $13.36, Amazon

If you're looking for some additional pizza-flavored paraphernalia to boost your moral and show off your love, you might want to check out some of these gems:

Pizza Hightops

These shoes really take the concept of "sweet kicks" to a new place. These pepperoni-decorated cheese colored shoes will certainly act as a conversation starter. If you're looking to break the ice or make people hungry, these are your fall shoes.

Converse All Star Hi Pizza Sneaker, $49.99, Amazon

Friendship Necklaces

Sorry but broken hearts are no longer the symbol of everlasting love. Pizza slice are. If you want to show your best friends that you'll forever fit together, get them a bunch of pizza slices — no matter which way you turn them, they fit together, just like true best friends.

Pizza Slice Friendship Necklaces, $10, Etsy

Pizza Blanket

This is what they mean by "comfort food" right? It's warm, it's comforting, it's goes in your belly or over your belly. This pizza blanket makes it finally possible for us to wrap ourselves up in a slice, a fantasy we all share.

Crochet Pizza Blanket, $89, Etsy

Whether or not pizza is your main bae, at least it will always be there for you when you need it most.

Images: YouTube; Courtesy of Brands