13 Hacks To Get Organized

by Megan Grant

All my fellow Type A personalities out there, I've got a treat for you: Some of the best hacks to get organized that I've ever seen. While it can be hard to break old habits and form new ones, these hacks pay off in the long run; and that's something I can certainly appreciate. With three jobs and a bevy of other responsibilities thrown on top, I'm open to any tricks that can save me even a few extra minutes throughout the span of a day.

For this reason, I went on the hunt for the best organization hacks I could find — ways to keep your home cleaner, your schedule more efficient, you name it. And while I've always thought myself to be a creative person, these hacks put me to shame. I especially love the hacks to keep your home clean and tidy. As someone who's spent most of her life living in small-ish spaces, making the most of what I've got has been absolutely crucial.

Even if you think you've got it all figured out, I guarantee you have something to gain from this list. Organizational hacks are endless; and even in all the homework I did on my search for these, I feel like I've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Check out this list and try some out!

1. Use Tension Rods To Hang Cleaning Products In Cabinets

Look at any cabinet in your kitchen and you'll see tons of unused space. Use a simple tension rod — made to fit any size space — and stick it near the top of the cabinet. Hang cleaning products (or whatever) from it to fit more in that cabinet, keep it tidier, and make better use of space. Plus, it's way easier to remove them when you need them — no more digging around. Just make sure there's enough tension to keep it all suspended!

2. The Ivy Lee Method

The Ivy Lee Method of organization dates back to 1918, and people still use it today. There are six steps: First, at the end of every day, write down six tasks that have to be done tomorrow. Second, prioritize them from most to least important. Third, start the next day with the first task, and don't stop until it's done. Fourth, repeat with the remaining tasks, in order. Fifth, move whatever you didn't finish to the next day. Sixth, repeat every day following. The Ivy Lee Method guarantees that everything will get done, in order of importance.

3. Use A Magazine Holder For Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil, And More

These are a great space saver. By storing the boxes vertically instead of horizontally, you maximize available space and keep things more organized.

4. The Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal, like the Ivy Lee Method, helps keep your schedule and tasks organized. While there's more work up front to set the journal up, people swear by this hack — which is a calendar, to-do list, goals list, and so much more, all rolled into one. Check out the video above for more information on how to make a Bullet Journal.

5. Use Decorated Toilet Papers Rolls For Messy Cords

Keep cords and wires organized and knot-free by neatly bunching them up and placing them in a toilet paper roll. You can slice the roll all the way across lengthwise to make it easier to fit the cord in. Then, secure it with decorative tape (like washi tape).

6. Magnetic Strips Keep Small Objects Handy

Buy magnet stripping that is an adhesive on one side. Stick it anywhere (a wall, the inside of a cabinet or drawer, etc.) and use it for bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, and any other tiny, magnetic objects. No more digging for bobbies!

7. Make Plastic Bags More Accessible

If you're anything like me, you have a drawer or cabinet (or several) stuffed to the absolute max with plastic grocery bags. I reuse these on a regular basis, but holy moly, it is an annoying mess. Take an old tissue box or disinfectant wipes bottle, and shove your plastic bags in it. This will compress them, save tons of space, and make your storage areas more organized.

8. Pack A Suitcase More Efficiently

There are many hacks to pack a suitcase that allow you to pack more clothes (shirts, pants, undies, whatever!) and keep them wrinkle-free. Never run out of room again!

9. Use Soda Can Tabs On Your Hangers

Holy space-saver — this organization hack might take the cake. Take the tab from a soda can and drop it onto a hanger. Take another hanger, and hang it from the tab. Repeat until you have a train of hangers. Use this hack to keep similar items together (skirts with skirts, etc.), or even to plan entire outfits.

10. Over-The-Door Shoe Holders Are Versatile

Of course they're meant for shoes; but you can put anything in these hangers to help stay organized: Food, socks, make-up, hair tools and accessories, cleaning supplies, home improvement tools, and more.

11. Keep Makeup Brushes Together

Don't leave exposed makeup brushes in your bag or Caboodle, where they can get dirty or damaged. (Plus, it's a pain to fish them out.) Instead, fill a flower pot or vase with coffee beans, marbles, or decorative stones, and stick your brushes in them (bristles up).

12. Silverware Holders Are Multi-Purpose

Like the previously mentioned shoe holders, silverware holders have many uses. Keep them in the bathroom or office to keep items like combs, writing utensils, and make-up organized.

13. Keep Bedsheets Together

About a year ago, I lost one purple pillowcase. Now, whenever I put the purple sheets on the bed, I have one purple pillow and one white pillow. It gives me nightmares. If you're not putting clean sheets on a bed right away, fold them up and put them all in one of the pillowcases.

Images:; PublicDomainPictures, Unsplash, motywacja24, stevepb/Pixabay, The Container Store