'JTV's Narrator Dishes On Michael's Fate

It's been months since we first saw Michael get shot in the Jane the Virgin Season 2 finale and the prospect of losing this character for good is still as devastating as ever. And unfortunately for us, it's also still just as possible as ever. Because despite what Brett Dier's social media accounts may lead you to believe, Michael's fate on Jane the Virgin should still be cause for concern, according the show's very own narrator, Anthony Mendez. During a recent interview with Bustle, Mendez dished on a few Jane the Virgin Season 3 spoilers and made a point of mentioning that just because Dier is seen taking pictures with the cast or looking busy at table reads, doesn't mean that he's necessarily safe from harm.

"When [fans] see Brett at the table reads, I think everybody has come to the conclusion that 'OK, he'll be fine,'" says Mendez. "But the question that people have to ask themselves is, there's a lot of flashbacks to this show. So is Brett at the table read because his character survived or is he there because we're doing just a bunch of flashbacks?" Umm... did anyone else just lose all of their confidence in Michael's future on the show?

But as much as it pains me to admit this, Mendez makes a very good point. Jane the Virgin is known for having some pretty great flashback scenes, some of which have helped us to truly fall in love with Jane's relationship with Michael. It's how we found out about how they first met (she thought he was a stripper dressed as a police officer) and it's allowed us to accompany them on some very special moments. So why wouldn't that continue even if Michael was no longer around?

In fact, it would make even more sense to have these flashbacks if Michael was gone since it would force Jane to recall all of their happy times together and make everyone (myself included) bawl like a baby. So don't go getting too confident about Michel possibly being a live. Because despite this show's talent for delivering some truly happy moments, that doesn't mean they aren't still capable of letting those waterworks fly. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Images: Scott Everett White/The CW (2)