'BiP's Lace & Grant Need To Take Another Big Step

by Hannah Shapiro

Bachelor in Paradise promised fans a chance to watch their favorite Bachelor world contestants mingle, fight, and fall in love. And, the show has delivered. Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise has been filled with kisses, dates, yelling, tears, drinks, swimsuits, and more drinks. Many unexpected pairings have occurred. Country singer Carly Waddell fell in love (despite all her initial doubts) with Erectile Dysfunction Specialist Evan Bass. Josh Murray wooed America's sweetheart mom of two Amanda Stanton. Even a contestant known for carrying a lamp around night one on The Bachelorette, Brett Melnick, has gotten some smooches from BiP ladies. No couple has been more engaging or surprising, though, than that of Grant Kemp and Lace Morris. After an up-and-down season, are Lace and Grant living together after Bachelor in Paradise? [UPDATE: BiP announced that they live together in San Francisco.]

I think if Lace and Grant are not currently living together, they are on their way. All signs both on the show, in their social media posts, and post-show point to these two lovebirds going strong after Paradise. Whether they are engaged, just a solid couple, or living together is up in the air. But I do think these two have continued their romance in the real world at the very least.

Lace and Grant have been posting a bunch of sweet couple-y things on both Twitter and Instagram, embracing the couple name "Grace." I don't think a couple who ended horribly would be so lovey dovey on social media. The two have been vocally supportive of each other as the season progressed, even when their fights were aired. It takes time to move in with someone, and Lace currently lives in Colorado and Grant is in San Francisco. But, their post-show contact could be a sign that they're at least making plans to make a move.

There have been many stories confirming these two are still a strong item. Grant and Lace were caught hanging out by an apartment pool in Colorado after the show had been taped. In addition, Lace was spotted with a tattoo that says "Grace." It's the tat the pair got while still in Mexico. The very permanent sign of their love could signify an engagement and a move has happened or is close to happening.

I am rooting for an engagement for this pair at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. And, hopefully an engagement would also mean plans to live in the same state. There is something endearing about this couple. Grant seems to balance Lace, and she captures Grant's attention with her quirk and humor.

If these two do decide to live together, I propose a post-Paradise spinoff show. Hey, Ben and Lauren from The Bachelor recently got one. And, who wouldn't want to watch Grant and Lace's day-to-day activities? I for one, would tune in. #TeamGrace forever.

Image: ABC