Rihanna's New Tattoo Seems Super Meaningful

When Drake confessed his undying love for Rihanna at the VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 28, it seemed like his revelation of being ~in love~ with Rihanna for years was met with nothing but a goodnatured eyeroll and a friend-zoned cheek kiss by the lady in question. Now, however, that has all changed. The two were recently spotted holding hands and kissing in concert (because of course RiRi was Drake's surprise guest at his Miami tour stop on Wednesday). And now, Rihanna even has a shark tattoo, which, judging by the clues, commemorates her relationship with the rapper. Allow me to explain.

Earlier this month, Drake reportedly took Rihanna on a late night aquarium date to Ripley's Aquarium in his hometown of Toronto, according to Lainey Gossip. (Let me pause for a moment while I collect myself and weep about how badly I want this life.) On Sunday, the same day that the rapper presented the "Love on the Brain" singer with the Video Vanguard Award, he also Instagrammed a #latergram with Rihanna — one that shows the two in front of the CN Tower and features, if you look closely enough in the lower righthand corner, a stuffed animal of a camouflaged shark that the two most likely got at the aquarium that night. THIS IS (probably) THE SAME SHARK THAT RIHANNA JUST GOT TATTOOED.

Celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang performed the honors, inking the image of the camo shark on Rihanna's ankle and later showing it off on Instagram.

"Camo shark for my dear friend @badgalriri," he captioned the pic. The tattoo was reportedly done after Drake's Miami show on Wednesday. Yes, this would be the same concert where they kissed on stage — like, for real this time — and the audience lost it.

While Rihanna is certainly under no obligation to date the rapper (TBH, Drake certainly has that "Nice Guy" narrative down pat), it seems like this may be her admission that there is actually, officially, something romantic going on between the two of them. Sure, she could have inked the shark as a permanent reminder of their friendship, but when you put it in context — like Drake publicly declaring he's been in love with her since he was 22 and the fact that they smooched on stage earlier that night — it seems like this tattoo is definitely representative of something more.