Grant & Lace Can Finally Get Some Privacy On 'BiP'

by Kayla Hawkins

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, like summer 2016, is, finally, coming to an end, and that means the couples that are still standing will be faced with their biggest and most important decision yet: to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite, or to not spend the night in the Fantasy Suite? And, when faced with this pivotal choice, will Grant and Lace have sex during Bachelor in PRadisex, or will they choose to spend the night apart? And no, this is not a trick question. Yes, Grant and Lace were already busted while trying to have a sleepover while still living in the Paradise house. But just because they decided to meet up after dark thinking that no one would spot them, doesn't mean that they'll decide to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. I mean, it's not crazy to assume, but it's also not guaranteed, and the show could use one last big surprise in its finale.

Yes, this is a particularly amorous season of Paradise. But when it comes to the baggage behind the Fantasy Suite, sometimes couples who seem totally happy have made the shocking decision to skip the Suite. Choosing not to go into the Fantasy Suite can be used to signal that one member of the couple is uncomfortable with not just physical intimacy, but taking the relationship outside of the show. Lace's reaction to Grant's declaration of love was a little bit hesitant at first, and that could be the seed of uncertainty that sinks the relationship. Or, maybe they just will skip it because they don't want America to speculate about their private lives. Or, maybe they'll rush in with open arms.

Think back to some memorable breakups in Paradise, like Robert and Sarah, Graham and AshLee, and Carly and Kirk. All of these pairs either didn't take their night in the FS. Coincidence? Quite possibly. But it's also possible that it either Grant or Lace is having second thoughts, they'll be hesitant to take the chance to have sex. And when it comes to whether or not the couple does have sex in the Fantasy Suite, the Bachelor fandom needs to make sure that there's no slut shaming or judgment in sight. If this young attractive couple takes the chance to bone down in a fancy hotel after falling in love over the past five days (not literally, but you know what I mean), then why shouldn't they?

It's rare that a couple on this show will even admit that they have sex (usually preferring to say they simply hung out and talked all night long), and that's OK. Keep the judgement to a minimum if Grant and Lace do have sex in the Fantasy Suite, and just standby to see how their decision affects their relationship.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC