Jen Is Probs Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The next Bachelor has been finally named and it's Nick Viall, who has finished as runner-up (twice) on The Bachelorette and is currently enjoying a stay on Bachelor in Paradise 3. But, his appointment in the franchise leaves me wondering about the woman he was seeing in Mexico — remember Jen? It's natural to wonder is Jen Saviano single after Bachelor in Paradise , because it's clear that Nick definitely is, and he'll be searching for love on camera (again) next year.

Jen, who appeared on Ben Higgins' season, hasn't confirmed nor denied any new loves in the press or on her social media account, nor have any potential ones made appearances on there. She has used social media to make it clear that she wants no part of Nick's run on The Bachelor . Jen responded "Not I" to a tweet about who might return to The Bachelor in order to date Nick. Burn. She also tweeted a hilarious, but telling, reaction to the After Paradise announcement of Nick as Bachelor: A GIF of Amy Schumer chugging a huge glass of wine (from a classic sketch on Inside Amy Schumer). Viewers don't know how Jen and Nick's romp in Paradise ended, but it doesn't sound like it may have concluded on the best terms.

On the aforementioned episode of After Paradise, Nick told to hosts Sean Lowe and Michelle Collins that his relationship with Jen just didn't work out and didn't make it out of Mexico. According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, though, Jen didn't think she and Nick would leave Mexico engaged. "I'm very happy with where we're at, I just don't know if it's enough right now," she was quoted saying while Bachelor in Paradise 3 was filming. "Certainly not enough for an engagement."

During filming, Nick had told Glamour in an interview that he was trying to take it slow with Jen. "I definitely see a lot of potential with Jen, and honestly I’m not quite sure how I’m going to approach the finale," he told the magazine. "I respect Jen so much that I want to make sure we’re on the same page and respectful of each other’s emotions."

No matter what happened or how, one thing is clear: A breakup occurred and that's going to take some time to get over for both of them. Nick has The Bachelor on the horizon. And, judging by Jen's social media accounts, she's doing just fine as a potentially single gal back in the States. Recently, she posted about booking what she called an "f*ck it" flight to NYC and tweeted at fellow Paradise-r Izzy Goodkind to hang out. Jen also continues to post lots of yummy food photos and fashion shots on IG, because it's Instagram.

Her split with Nick hasn't seemed to slowed her down one bit. She may be unattached for now, but I doubt she will be single for long after Mexico.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC