Steven Avery's Fame May Be Going To His Head

by Joseph D. Lyons

Steven Avery has been the focus of a two police investigations, two criminal trials, and now countless appeals. It's not exactly the kind of attention that you want, but after Making a Murderer aired on Netflix last December, he became the focus of a media circus and countless viewers of the docuseries. That's a whole different world. Having all the courtroom eyes on you may not be remotely comparable to millions of Netflix viewers. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Avery's fiancée said fame is going to his head.

According to Sandra Greenman, she first contacted Avery in 2007, and let him know that she thought he was innocent. From there a friendship grew into a romantic relationship. She has maintained he was innocent ever since, although their relationship has gone through some difficult moments. In January, she told People magazine that she had called off their engagement. She said it was too much of a strain to date while he was in prison, and the pending nuptials were "up in the air."

Now, eight months later, she has shared new revelations with the Mail. The British tabloid referred to her as Avery's fiancée with references to their on-again, off-again relationship. It would appear they're back on, although all she said when asked about their relationship status was, "We still love each other, we admit we do." From within jail he has received tons of fan mail, many of it from women who flirt with Avery, Greenman told the Mail. That has resulted in the fame "going to his head," she alleged. Here are Greenman's observations in her own words:

He's very stubborn at the moment. [He said:] "I'm Steven Avery, I can do what I want. They'll send me money, pictures, they'll do anything I want them to do." He's starting to believe the hype.

And it's not just people outside of prison too. Greenman thinks he is getting more attention on the inside too from his fellow prisoners:

He's now well liked in prison, I've seen it a couple of times, prisoners putting their hands on his shoulder saying good luck, or people coming up to us in the visiting room. I'm sure he'll be signing autographs soon. This is all going to his head, this new Steve thinks he can get away with anything.

Plus, the guards too have started to treat him differently, Greenman said:

He told me that they don't search his cell as much as they used to. I asked why, and he said: "They wouldn't dare." What, because they'd be scared to annoy all his followers? He thinks he's a Hollywood star. I said it to him on Saturday: "What did you do with my Steven? Who are you?" The difference is he's arrogant, thinks he can do anything, he's not loving anymore.

She said she thinks it's because he expects to be released soon. Avery's nephew Brendan Dassey's conviction was overturned by a federal judge in Milwaukee in August. He said that Dassey's confession was "involuntary." Avery's fate at this point rests not with a judge but his defense lawyer Kathleen Zellner. She filed a motion this week to retest all of the evidence used in the case for signs of tampering.