Sandy Greenman Still Supports Steven Avery

Netflix's new true crime docuseries Making a Murderer introduced the world to Steven Avery. But, it also introduced viewers to a number of people in Avery's life, including one very important person: His fiancée post-murder conviction. Unfortunately, according to People magazine, Sandy Greenman and Steven Avery have ended their relationship. The announcement might come as a surprise to fans of series, who are familiar with Greenman from her appearance in the show's final episode and her steadfast desire to prove Avery innocent. So, beyond their split, how is Sandy Greenman doing now?

First a little background: In the documentary viewers learn that Greenman first made contact with Avery after his March 2007 conviction for murdering Teresa Halbach. Greenman sent Avery a letter telling him she thought he was innocent and a friendship blossomed from there. As seen in the documentary, the two formed a bond over seven years that turned to romance along the way. But, in the aforementioned interview with People magazine, Greenman acknowledged that their courtship "had some issues" because a “prison relationship is very hard to maintain.”

Greenman also revealed, in an article with Daily Mail Online, that the main reason that she halted her and Avery's plans to wed was because of religion. "I cannot marry someone that's not a Christian," Greenman said. The 73-year-old also stated that she still loves Avery, and that she "will always be behind him, and he's [her] best friend."

In the wake of Making a Murderer, Greenman has been on the recieveing end of many messages, which she told Daily Mail Online were mostly positive. Now, Greenman is focused on working with Avery's new lawyer Kathleen Zellner to help get Avery's conviction overturned. She told Daily Mail Online that she'd spent four years trying to get Zellner to pick up Avery's case. "I kept emailing [Zellner] and I wrote, 'It's me again, I'm sorry, I'm stalking you but I feel so strongly — you're the one that's going to get him out,'" Greenman said of Zellner. "Initially, [Zellner] could not take the case because she was too busy. But, she kept Steve's files and said some day she might be able to look at it again."

That day has now come, and Greenman is hopeful Zellner will help Avery be released from prison. As she told Daily Mail Online, "No matter what happens in the end with Steve and me, I want him out, I want him to have a life. No matter who it's with or where it is."