Man Proposes To His Lobster In 'Friends' Apartment

As any super fan of the popular '90s TV show will tell you, the scene where Monica and Chandler get engaged is one of the most romantic and hilarious bits in all of Friends history (so many candles, so much crying). On Aug. 30, one U.K. couple shared their very own touching Monica and Chandler moment when a man proposed to his girlfriend in the Friends apartment during Comedy Central’s FriendsFest in London.

The set replica of Monica’s iconic two-bedroom Manhattan apartment proved to be the perfect locale for a Krunal Desai to get down on one knee before his girlfriend of 11 years, Ragha Patel. "We both absolutely love Friends, and Radha can't go to sleep without watching the show,” Desai told Hello!. "When I saw FriendsFest was returning I knew this would be the perfect setting to ask her to marry me." Can I get a collective "Aaaaaaaw" from the studio audience?

The sold-out six-week touring festival has drawn Friends fans from across the United Kingdom. Attendees have the chance to pose for pics in the beloved sets of the Central Perk café, Chandler and Joey's apartment, and the Vegas Chapel of Love, as well as hobnob with cast members, and generally celebrate all things Friends. Still a lasting cultural phenomenon, it's hard to believe that it has been over two decades since the first episode of Friends premiered.

Though the proposal was on the Friends set, thankfully, this time there was no Richard there to sabotage it. The staff of the festival worked with Desai to stage the perfect surprise, clearing out the set and closing it off to the public. Attendees waited excitedly outside, just like Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel did in the original episode that aired 16 years ago.

But the Friends parallels don't stop there: The couple has also been referred to as the notoriously on-again, off-again Ross and Rachel of their friend group. "We even had a short break in our relationship, leading people to call us the real life Ross and Rachel," Desai told Hello!.

Radha had her suspicions that something big was going to happen at the festival. "When I first saw the apartment I actually thought that this would be the perfect place to be proposed to," Radha told Hello!. When Desai got down on one knee and took out a ring box, she of course had to say "yes." "Nothing could top this proposal, it was awesome. As Phoebe would say, he’s my lobster!"

You can check out a video clip of the sweet proposal that is sure to give Friends fans all the feels:

There is no word yet on whether the happy couple will continue with the theme and have a Friends-style wedding. I can't help but think that the theme song would make a pretty great processional.

Images: ComedyCentral; Giphy; ComedyCentralUK/Twitter